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I found this touching anecdote about Lakshmi the cow who was fortunate enough to live and later on ,breathe her last  in Ramana Ashramam , Thiruvannamalai .
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The credit for that good fortune also goes to Sri Arunachalam Pillai who insisted that he just had to donate a cow to the Ashram.

Not only Lakshmi the cow, there were also other animals who were fortunate enough to spend time with Maharishi , to name a few, a white peacock, a dog and a crow.

Aridhu aridhu maanidarai piRathal aridhu” says Avvaiyar .
[ Rare indeed, its very rare to get a human birth].

These examples show that liberation is possible for some rare souls trapped within an animal body.

What is essential is the grace of the Guru. If he finds  deserving souls , born for some reason in an animal body, [ may be to make sure they dont earn more karmas that would block their progress?] he liberates them.

This reminds of an anecdote in Sri Sai Satcharita where a circus tiger breathes his last before Sri Shirdi Saibaba.

 So those of us who in our own erring ways hold on to a Guru need not be concerned. We may come back as anyone and he’s sure to find us and guide us.]

My salutations to the Guru who is the human form of the supreme Brahman.

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