My Birthday Poem 19-4-2010

My Birthday Poem 19-4-2010

Today (April 19), I am beginning my Sixty Fourth circumambulation about the Sun.

When I look around from the 64th story of my life-edifice, I see many  changes. Many things I grew up with and familiar to the extent of being taken for granted have been disappeared from our midst without any hope of their return.

Here I am looking at one such missing thing.


Millennium Man’s Verbum Non Grata


We Live by its Grace; Unconsciously Though!

We travel every time trusting our life with absolute strangers,

Drivers, whom we might have never met earlier in our life.


We use the road trusting all those who use it when we do,

Trusting in God that no one deranged is lurking among them.


We stay in our homes trusting the builders as well as materials,

That the terrace won’t come falling down in the middle of night.


We consume food, medicines, drinks and all else that we use daily,

While we can only trust on the goodness of their producers.


We go to bed every night trusting the benevolence of the Almighty,

That the world we see when we turn in,  will be there when we wake up.


Trust; Yes, we trust total strangers with our life, yet we behave as if,

The Trust is Old-fashioned, Obselete!

When it comes to people who live, work and wish well  for us!


Look at our list under the non-trustworthy people:


We don’t trust our family, say parents, siblings, spouse or children

Beyond a line as they, we fear, may use us now and abuse us later.  


Same is our feeling against our relatives, friends and our neighbours

As we suspect them to find our weakness and bleed us white!


We do not trust our employers as we know, profiteering is their key interest.

We can’t trust our employees either, as they, any time,  may loot & scoot


All these people, unfortunately, we have to have and trust too

Until they serve us, help us, guide us to grow and succeed!


We don’t believe a word they claim, including even their names; hence,

We target them, pry them, spy them 24/7, hoping at the end to rid of them!  


See, we are not alone in this anti-trust campaign, as the

Society too Pressed ‘del’ Button on ‘Trust’!


Wherever you go, you are asked to prove your identity, not by your word!

Your word is useless, they don’t give it even a dime’s worth of trust!


You prove your existence, not by your person in whole, but by its parts

Viz. eyes, fingers or a lock of hair! Or a piece of paper, they TRUST!


You can’t  enter a famous temple minus being frisked, or arm-detected;

Even your offering to the deity is to be proved as so, to (His) ‘black cats’!


You must be a VVIP or a terrorist to enter a public place, office, hospital,

College or any important place without being suspected as a terrorist!


Anywhere, you can be suspected, checked, frisked or questionned,

To them you are a potential terrorist, until you prove your innocence!


No Wonder, then, We do not even Trust Our Country!


Many of our leaders and other stars do not TRUST our banks;

They sensed the lockers are stronger in Swiss & Lichtenstein banks!


The ‘income’ of our poor celebrities reach there  ‘naturally’ & easily!

Amount is not much, just a trillion dollars a little less than our GDP!

Now,  can’t you understand why no one in this land trust any body any more? In a way I am very fortunate, and I thank GOD for that. That is, I am 64, and my Pilot must be pressing the throttle for the final departure. It means, I may just escape before I lose trust in myself.

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