Mystery of Shiva

 Mystery of God Shiva

There are four Shivas (or Shivs) as far I know. First is the real Shiva, once who had a physical existence -the great sage for ever.   Second is mythological Shiva. Third is our conscious mind, which is imprinted with the name of Shiva in the true-spiritual point of view, and fourth is the Supreme Being, who is imprinted with the name of Shiva by some spiritual men of other spiritual point of view.      

MahaAnand is not the incarnation of mythological Shiva. He is the traditional successor of the real Shiva.

Before Aryans came, there was a famous God like great sage in greater India.
Shiva -the great sage for ever. He is the first creator of Yoga. He is the original founder of true-spiritualism.
Aryans came here to extend their kingdom, with their religious flag of Lord Vishnu.
Then when Aryans found that the greater India is occupied by the influence of the Shiva, they tried to remove the Shiva from public mind.
They started a dirty politics then, they started propaganda to fall down the heroic image of Shiva. They tried to fall down his image relating to his character. They had propagated many fake scandals of Shiva.
Then when their all efforts became fruitless, at that time they played cleverly a political trick. They announced that Shiva is the one of their three fundamental pillar of their religion. As Brahma -Vishnu -Shiva. The Trinity!    
All was nothing but politics!

Mythological Shiva is an imaginary hero based on real Shiva.

Conscious mind is like ‘Shiva’. Yet it is not fully watchful. It is blooming gradually. Subconscious mind is working almost in full swing. It is like goddess ‘kali’- ‘MahaMaya’- the mad like woman with full of emotion and nearly ignorance (it is not religious but true-spiritual view point).  

The name -Shiva is also used for Supreme Being by some spiritual groups.

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