Nataraja – Depicting the Spatial Dimensions

Space like time can be seen in just one dimension if we lineraize it. For eg a spiral can enumerate a three dimensional space in just one dimension (linearize it) as a continuous set of numbers. This logic can be extended for any dimension.

But multiple dimensions become important to track continuous motion of objects through space. Hence it is the tracking of motion or simply motion that brings up/depicts the multiple dimensionality of space.

The dance of Nataraja is about depicting the continuous motion of the various force-fields of Rudra. It is a snapshot of the dance of the force-fields of Rudra. This frozen posture of cosmic dance of Nataraja depicts the force-fields of Rudra in such a way the eleven dimensions of space can be easily seen.

With reference to my blog on Rudra, where I map the eleven Rudras to the eleven dimensional force fields, in this blog, I would like to explain the force-fields of Rudra by the dance posture of Nataraja forming the eleven dimensional space.

Here is my blog on Rudra:

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The Postures of Nataraja

Neela-Kanda – Amba – The first Vibration – Maha Deva – Kapali Rudra 

  1. The Spread matted Hair of Nataraja- Kapardine– indicates the formation of Strings on Amba that spread in all directions and the force field emanating from amba.
  2. This Rudra is called the Kapali Rudra which means the (female) food provider or food holder (a POT)

Kala-Agni – Purusha – The second Vibration – Shiva

  1. The Fire in left hand, held in a Pot (Kapali) – Kala-Agni – indicates the Purusha.(The force field emanating from Purusha). Aitareya Upanishad says that a fire starts in Amba, from which three force fields emanates. The fire that starts in Amba is under the influence of Purusha  the dark matter, as I explained in my blog on Rudra.
  2. This fire is shown in a Pot symbolizing that Purusha manifests itself as the fire in Amba, the POT holder or the Kabali.
  3. This Rudra is the Siva Rudra.

Trika-Agni Kala – Marichi – The third, fourth, fifth vibrations –  Bhima, Virupaksha, Vilohita

  1. The Right Hand with drum indicates the third force field, but the first Vibrations of Rudra – the Prana of the Universe – Strong force field that I explained in my blog on Rudra. This Rudra is the Bhima Rudra.
  2. Please note that PraNava indicates small drum and Prana is the first vibration that comes out from the Kala-Agni, as explained in my blog on Aitareya Upanishad.
  3. The Snake on the Right side of  Nataraja indicates the fourth vibrations of Rudra – the CMB field that emanates from the Source point of Universe. Snake is an appropriate depiction of the CMB field, one that silently moves. This Rudra is called the Virupaksha Rudra (multi-fold eyes) as explained in my blog on Rudra.
  4. Please Note that Virupaksha is also known as King of the Nagas.
  5. The ‘Abaya’ right hand indicates the Higgs field that gives mass to all bodies which causes the gravitational field.  The depiction is appropriate, as the Higgs field or the ‘quanta’ of the Higgs field (Higgs Boson called the God particle) is source of mass in the Universe, which establishes the Universe and stabilizes it.
  6. Please note that the Caksu/CMB field (quanta of CMB is photons) and the Prana/Strong force field (quanta of Strong force field is gluons) are massless and do not cause the mortal universe. It is the establishment of Higgs field that causes mass and starts the evolution. Please note that in the blog on Aitareya Upanishad, I have explained the evolution of forces are in this order Strong force field, CMB field and then the Higgs field. So Instantiating this world and stabilizing (protecting) it is the Higgs field of Rudra. Hence the Abhaya description.
  7. This Rudra is called the vilohita Rudra (the deep Red Rudra).
  8. The these three fields (Strong Force Field, CMB, Higgs field) on the Right hand side together is the Marichi or the Trika-Agni 

Tripura-Antaka – Mara – Sixth, Seventh, Eight Vibrations – Abhirbudhnya, Shasta, Ajapada

  1. The Right Leg that is bent on the Right hand side planted on the Asura indicates the ‘Hrdayam/Core’ particles or Baryons. The Baryons actually are the mortal particles with which most of the Universe is formed.  The force field that vibrates the Strings of Amba as Baryons is the Abhirbudhnya Rudra.
  2. Please note that Abhirdhudnya Rudra means the force hidden in the depths.
  3. The Asura that Nataraja is standing on, is actually the Apasmara Purusa which means convoluted Purusha, the Purusha that is ‘curled up’ or ‘folded’ inside. This spatial dimension of the force field can be understood as ‘curled up’ inside the matter.
  4. The raised left Leg indicates the ‘Mana/Hidden’ particles or ‘Mesons’. The depiction is appropriate as this ‘leg’ of Nataraja is hidden, as it is thrown up in the air. Like the mesons, though it exists, it is not seen, unless one sees the Nataraja statue completely and realizes it is up in the air.
  5. Please note that this Rudra is called the Shasta Rudra which means the force field that controls the Universe.
  6. This indicates that mesons are very important and actually the controlling force-fields of Universe, but in what way is not known to me. Probably there is some way in which mesons/mesonic clouds contribute heavily.
  7. The Left hand that is bent and present on the right side pointing to the raised left leg indicates the Satellite (candrama) particles or Leptons. The Left hand points to the raised left leg indicating that it is part of the force-fields of Tripura Antaka  This mudra is popularly called Gajahasta.
  8. This Rudra is called the Ajapada Rudra, based on the goat-foot structure this force field creates in the shape of atoms, as explained in my blog on Rudra.
  9. These three are the Tripura-Antaka or the three that hides the three dimensions. As explained in my blog on Rudra, they are Tripura-antaka, as the vibrations or force-fields (on the strings of Amba) are hidden and they come out as matter particles. These are not perceived as Vibrations but matter. So their real form is hidden, as explained in my blog on Rudra.

Matter (Right Side) and Dark Matter (Left Side)

  1. Note that the Trika-agni and Tripura-antaka are on depicted on the right side of  the Nataraja. The only force field only the left-hand side are the Purusha or Kala-Agni. The right hand side is the matter and left-hand side is the dark matter.
  2.  Note that matter portion of Nataraja is depicted as Siva (the masculine) and the dark matter portion of Nataraja is depicted as Uma (the feminine) in ArthaNareeswarar form of Siva.

Tryambaka – Apa – Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Vibrations – Bhava, Chanda, Shambu

  1. The Three eyes indicate the Tryambaka. The force fields (ziznam) that aid the formation of complex proteins (Dhruva, Dhara, Anila, Anala of Ashta vasus), the force fields (Reta) that aid the formation of acidic medium (soma) and force fields (Apa) that aid the formation of alkaline medium (Apa) that sustain life.
  2. Here also the depiction of three eyes is appropriate for ziznam, reta and Apa. Ziznam (that causes proteins) and Reta (causes soma, the acidic medium) are the two eyes and Apa (alkaline medium) is the third eye.
  3. Nataraja/Siva/Rudra is called the ‘Somasekara’- (Soma-sekara means the carrier/container of Soma) as Siva carries/contains the Soma or rudra’s field of force raises/lowers/controls the soma or acidic medium everywhere.
  4. Alkaline are metals like sodium, potassium etc. The best alkaline medium commonly available is the ash of the cow-dung that Lord Siva wears all over his body.
  5. Sodium for example is the cause of building up of electro-static voltages in animal cells and is the prime-mover for the evolution of animal life, according to science. Apa (the Alkaline medium)  is the bedrock of evolution of consciousness according to Aitareya Upanishad.
  6. And alkalis by belonging to Group I of the periodic table are highly explosive in particular when they are in touch with water. They can set water to fire.
  7. NO wonder the force field that creates this alkaline medium (Shambu Rudra) is the third eye of Nataraja, that can set fire to anything.
  8. Biological life is the vehicle expression of consciousness of Purusha. As stated in Nasadiya Suktam, the evolution of intelligence is the process by which the ‘self’ realizes itself. This self resides inside the Amba.
  9. Rudra the force fields drives this evolution by driving the formation of acidic, alkaline and complex proteins under favorable conditions in the Universe.
  10. Hence the three eyes of the Nataraja that are situated close to the representation of Amba (the matted hair of Nataraja in the string form of Amba) is best suited to express the force fields of Rudra that drive the formation of biological life and evolution of consciousness
Dance of Nataraja is the snapshot of forcefields of Rudra

The Spatial Dimensions depicted by Nataraja

The most fascinating aspect of dance of Nataraja is that Nataraja actually shows eleven spatial dimensions in a three dimensional space. This has been achieved by depicting the flow of eleven force fields.

As explained at the start a spiral can be used to enumerate a multi-dimensional space in a single dimension. Assume we are drawing a expanding spiral from the backside of Nataraja to the front of Nataraja, the spiral encompassing the entire circle inside the Nataraja is seen dancing, as spiral is a way to see multi-dimensional object in a single dimension.

It would start from the matted hair strings of Nataraja that symbolize the force-fields of Amba as explained above. It would end in the Tryambaka or the three-eyes of Nataraja which depicts the evolution of  biological life and higher forms of consciousness and intelligence.

In this journey of the spiral from the back to the front all eleven dimensions of space can be seen.

  1. At the Back of all, exists the Amba or the Strings of Amba (Flowing Tri-jada of Nataraja) that flows from Center to east, Center to West, Center to North and Center to South. And that shows the expansion of Universe from BigBang in all directions, when Rudra starts the thandava or dance, as I explained in my blog on Rudra. This is the first Spatial dimension of Nataraja and Rudra as explained in my blog on Rudra.
  2. As we spiral from Back to front, the next we encounter is the Kala-Agni, the fire that is shown in a Kapali or POT on the left-side of the Nataraja. This is the second spatial dimension of Nataraja and Rudra as explained in my blog on Rudra.
  3. As we spiral further to front, the drum of Nataraja on the Right hand, which symbolizes the Prana or Strong Force Field that emanates is seen. This is the third spatial dimension of Nataraja and Rudra as explained in my blog on Rudra.
  4. As we spiral further to front, the Snake that symbolizes the CMB/Electro-magnetic field is seen. This is the fourth spatial dimension as explained in my blog on Rudra.
  5. As we spiral further to front the Abaya Right Hand that symbolizes the Higgs field is seen. This is the fifth Spatial dimension of the Universe.
  6. As we spiral further, the Right leg of Nataraja, planted on the demon that symbolizes the force-field of Rudra that vibrates the strings to look like Baryons (Hrdayam particles) is seen. 
  7. As we spiral further is the left leg of Nataraja that is bent towards the right side indicating the force-field of Rudra that vibrates the string of Amba as Mesons (Mana or Hidden particles), as explained in my article on Rudra is seen.
  8. As we spiral further, the left hand in the Gajahasta mudra that symbolizes the force-field of Rudra that vibrates the strings to look like leptons (satellite particles) is seen.
  9. As we still spiral further, the face of Nataraja with three eyes are seen.
  10. The two eyes are seen first. Ziznam (complex proteins) and Reta (Soma) are the two eyes.
  11. As we spiral further, Apa (alkaline medium), the eye on the fore-head, the third eye is seen.

Thus the eleven dimensions of Rudra starting from force-field of Amba to the force-field that causes Apa (the alkaline medium for evolution of higher consciousness and intelligence) are shown in order in the dance of Nataraja.


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