New Book – India – The Next Global Super Power by Namita Bhandare (Ed.)

by Namita Bhandare (Ed.)

2007, 23 cm., pp. 252, ISBN : 978-8174365101, US$ 9.88 or Rs. 395

The Hindustan Times Leadership Summit is an international forum for world leaders

to share their vision for the world. The annual summit is designed to create an environment for debate and discussion as key figures from the world of politics, business and society present their dreams, concerns and aspirations to make the world a more harmonious place. At the conclusion of the fourth year of the summit, what was brought to the fore was more than just a blueprint for making India the next global superpower – the theme for the HT Leadership Summit 2006. Held in New Delhi in November, the speakers included Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Indian National Congress President Sonia Gandhi, President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai, Leader of UK's House of Commons Jack Whitaker Straw, Commissioner External Trade European Union Peter Mandelson, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former leader of UK's Labour Party Lord Neil Kinnock and chairman of the communist Party of Nepal(Maoist) Prachanda, among others. Over two days of discussion, issues and roadblocks facing India's quest in becoming a world power were laid bare. This book is a result of that brainstorming.  


Contents :
1. India – Opportunities and Challenges in the 21st Century
2. Walking the tightrope of Economic Growth & Social Justice
3. Reforms for Sustained Growth
4. The Creative Economy
5. Globalizing Indian Business : The Challenges
6. India : A Threat or Opportunity for its Neighbours?
7. Building in India IT Edge
8. Principles of Leadership
9. Democracy – The Forbidden Fruit or Nector for Progress
10. Peace and Prosperity in South Asia
11. Exploring New Frontiers
12. India's Role in Global Governance
13. India as an Economic Super Power : The Imperatives 

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