Newer times turn around perceptions…

Time of the year to turn-around

Overwhelm, overcome the moribund

Our Sun demonstrates this every year

Changes its course to northern hemisphere..


Remember sun stays there as an observer

Tilted earth moves around the sun forever

Routine and Turnaround are perceptions

Forward and backward are just deceptions..


When debacles and drubbing stare at us

Progression seems futile and worthless

Remember, the ‘state’ is just a perception..

Let the observer in us remain unbeaten..


Let’s face the debacle; Show our grit..

‘Show off’ our failure.. Make fun of it..

Be proud and wear it on the sleeve..

Let the debacle know it can’t deceive..


Earthly actions swarm around us with a tilt

Let the observer in us be rooted to the hilt

Keep on at it; Kindle new conceptions

Newer times turn around our perceptions..


Happy Pongal

Happy Makara-saMkrAnti

Happy Bihu

Happy Lohri


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