No bamboo staying, no flute playing

Mogambo likes to do Yoga and reads and mentally chews on the Sutras of Patanjali. Yoga he can understand, but the biggest challenge to Mogambo’s little brain is the existence of religion.

Is religion not an unneccesary burden on human civilisations? If one studies history as mogambo has done, then one will see that allmost all problems of the world are caused by religion.

So mogambo asks all Medhavis this question


like the old hindi saying says 


“na rahe ga baans na bajegi bansuri”

or in english

“No bamboo staying, no fluting playing”


Mogambo, in his various reading adventures and in course of yoga practice realised that  Utimate Truth can be reached only when seeker leaves religion behind. Religion causes trouble and road blocks on the smooth highway to nirvana. So, stop all religious activities today and start doing yoga. Does not matter if you do hindu yoga, christian yoga or muslim yoga, but do yoga. Yoga is the only solution to all problems in this world.

Mogambo read many articles on medha journal where there are so many smart people talking about religion like it is good thing. why? mogambo cannot understand this. Smart people should see problem with religion and drop it to do true spiritual practice.

Mogambo saw friend MahaManas talk about MahaVaad. Is this also not a religion? As soon as you put structure around any kind of spiritual practice, it becomes religion, sooner or later. So no structure, no organisation, only spirituality.

Mogambo Kush Huwa

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