No Vehicle Day! (Junior ID-9)


No Vehicle Day!

Participant ID – 9
Medhajunior, Grade, 3rd, USA

A sustainable community is a community that can function without relying on other places.  I would like Fremont to become a sustainable community so I have an idea; a no vehicle day!  In Beijing, China, there is a “No Vehicle Day” and it probably helps the atmosphere.  If this idea works, we, as a city will use less gas from oil refineries all over the world. 

      To make this simple idea work is quite frank itself.  First, we have to write a letter to the mayor to get his permission.  And then we have to organize a date.  When we have fixed the date, we should try spreading this to a few neighbors.  Moderately soon, more people will know through the neighbors we told the news to.  Hopefully, lots of people will participate, and one day, it could become an official day. 

      I hope the city of Fremont will become a city with a clean atmosphere and less purchased oil from oil refineries all over the country.  If we had a clean atmosphere, it would lead to happier and healthier lives.

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