OBAMA is a Muslim?



   First the NEW YORKER  cartoon and now subtle emails,blogs making him out to be a Muslim. This has actually raised the fears of White Americans which was lying  dormant
to the fore front again. Anybody here remembers Cassius clay and later called Mohamed Ali. Also the Rome Olympics when some black American athletes gave that raised fit salute when
their national anthem was being played. People may say that is long forgotten story for most Americans. It may be for young Americans but not for the old retired and white
grey haired ladies. It also revives the old Malcolm X and Elija Mohamed theories that all black Americans are logically Moslems though they may be practicing Christians. The church to which Obama  belonged and its preacher come in this category  and reinforces this myth.
    Every one knows Obama is NOT a Muslim. then why this subtle campaign? Basically it makes him defend that he is not Muslim and thereby takes away that aura which he has created for himself. That he is a only a politician and not that charismatic visionary which the young crowd places him to be especially amongst the liberals and Muslims..

    Obama's campaign has been hard at work trying to dispel myths that Obama is a Muslim.  Are the vast majority of Americans willing to admit that they look  on Muslims with suspicion?  In his efforts of debunking this myth, he has unintentionally made  Muslim-Americans as some kind of filth. Obama's pro-Israel stance is truly dissappointing for American Muslims who owe as Muslims everywhere LOYALTY to Muslim UMMA and hate Isreal. 
 Obama's campaign managers  REFUSING to let Muslim-American women wearing the hi jab to sit behind Obama at his speech in Michigan.   Michigan has the largest population of Muslims in America.  Rep. Keith Ellison wanted to endorse Obama  in Iowa Mosque. His managers wisely refused it especially as he was trying the Mosque route.  

   Obama is the candidate who offered the restoration of the principles America was founded on, social justice and equality.  Now, with Obama's odor of anti-islamic sentiment, this may no longer be the case and so he looks an ordinary Politician who wants to be elected.

   His race speach made him a visionary.

   Now he has just to say that America is the greatest nation wherein a black slave with the following history as seen by an act of Virginia county of  1670 could aim to be its President through votes cast.

                     LAWS OF VIRGINIA, NOVEMBER, 1682—34th CHARLES II.*



          WHEREAS by the 12 act of assembly held att James Citty the 3d day of October, Anno Domini 1670, entituled an act declareing who shall be slaves, it is enacted that all servants not being christians, being imported into this country by shipping shall be slaves, but what shall come by land shall serve if boyes and girles untill thirty yeares of age, if men or women, twelve yeares and noe longer; and for as much as many negroes, moores, mollatoes and others borne of and in heathenish, idollatrous, pagan and mahometan parentage and country have heretofore, and hereafter may be purchased, procured, or otherwise obteigned as slaves of, from or out of such their heathenish country by some well disposed christian, who after such their obteining and purchaseing such negroe, moor, or molatto as their slave out of a pious zeale, have wrought the conversion of such slave to the christian faith, which by the laws of this country doth not manumitt them or make them free, and afterwards such their conversion, it hath and may often happen that such master or owner of such slave being by some reason inforced to bring or send such slave into this country to sell or dispose of for his necessity or advantage, he the said master or owner of such servant which notwithstanding his conversion is really his slave, or his factor or agent must be constrained either to carry back or export again the said slave to some other place where they may sell him for a slave, or else depart from their just right and tytle to such slave and sell him here for noe longer time then the English or other christians are to serve, to the great losse and damage of such master or owner, and to the great discouragement of bringing in such slaves for the future, and to noe advantage at all to the planter or buyer; and whereas alsoe those Indians that are taken in warre or otherwise by our neighbouring Indians, confederates or tributaries to his majestie, and this his plantation of Virginia are slaves to the said neighbouring Indians that soe take them, and by them are likewise sold to his majesties subjects here as slaves, Bee it therefore enacted by the governour councell and burgesses of this general assembly, and it is enacted by the authority aforesaid, that all the said recited act of the third of October 1670 be, and is hereby repealed and made utterly voyd to all intents and purposes whatsoever. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid that all servants except Turkes and Moores, whilest in amity with his majesty which from and after publication of this act shall be brought or imported into this country, either by sea or land, whether Negroes, Moors, Mollattoes or Indians, who and whose parentage and native country are not christian at the time of their first purchase of such servant by some christian, although afterwards, and before such their importation and bringing into this country, they shall be converted to the christian faith; and all Indians which shall hereafter be sold by our neighbouring Indians, or any other trafiqueing with us as for slaves are hereby adjudged, deemed and taken, and shall be adjudged, deemed and taken to be slaves to all intents.


      OBAMA  can even say that " I may not be a Muslim but i want every American Muslim to abjure their loyalty to Muslim Umma and aim to be President of America.This will put the ball in the court of American Muslims who have to face the fact that  American national interest demands it provide security to the state of Israel at any cost which includes the miserable Human rights record of Isreal and also disbandment of Wahabi regime in Saudi arabia or even annihilation of Iran.An American Muslim will be forced to ponder whether he prefers the caves of FATA/wazirstan or he wants his children to study and grow  in America and himself continue to drive the SUVs or even aim to be American President.

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