Our Duty towards Our Planet (Junior ID-2)

Our Duty towards Our Planet

Participant ID -2

MedhaJunior, Age 12 years, UAE

Environment and ecology

In our school, as part of our Social Studies class, we learn about Environment and ecology.

We also make art objects out of used things for a school project.

In grade five, we were taught how fast forests are getting cut down.

I also remember a trip to a hill station called Yercaud in India, where we saw big trucks which carried fresh timber.

All over the world, everyday, about 2000 trees are getting cut down. 

The animals and plants that depend on these habitats will be extinct very soon. 

My grandfather presented me a book by Readers Digest publications and it has a list of all endangered animals and habitats.

Monkeys are my favourite animals and many species of them would be extinct if more forests are cut down. All other species that live in forests will also become like dodos.

I want to say how students like me can help in making a sustainable community. 

We can form small groups and collect recyclable articles from neighbours on weekends. 

At home, we can keep separate collection bins to collect recyclable articles. 

Once a month, we can take these things and hand them over to recycling centres in our city. 

It will be fun to do this. We get to go out on our own during weekends, meet new people and visit new places.

We can read articles on sustainability issues learn from our families and make school projects.

At school, we can raise awareness about these issues and arrange for school trips to recycling centres, zoological parks and places where we can learn. We can also arrange to meet ecologists and discuss with them. 

When we go the supermarket, we can help our parents read the ingredient list on the items we buy.

We have to check whether the product has been tested on animals and whether any of the ingredients are harmful to the environment.

We can avoid throwing old school books and toys. We can share this with our circle of friends.

We can also talk to our younger brothers and sisters about these issues.

We can use less tissue paper and start using more hand kerchiefs.

Through our groups, we can email people who can help us or guide us in this issue.

For example, we can email the former president of India Mr Abdul Kalam and he would surely reply back.

We can also exchange mails with friends in other countries and become more aware.

At home we can try to cut down wasting water and power. 

We can switch off power when we are not using it.

My parents, uncles and aunts tell me they didn’t have this new subject called ecology in School. They also didn’t have cola drinks, chips and cakes in nearby shops.

They did not get much allowance.

But we eat a lot of food from outside and we can try to cut that down a bit. 

We can watch less TV , it will also make our mothers happy. We can spend more time playing outside. We won’t put on weight and we will grow to be strong people. 

If we take care of the planet by taking care of the animals, plants and other resources we all can live here happily.

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