Paintings in our Minds

The subconscious mind is a powerful thing. Our subconscious mind has all sorts of hidden paths to it. To some extent it can unlock doors into the past that can in fact allow us to gain perspective on ourselves and also give us the center of being we sought after all along. If something was lost or is brought forward in a surreal form are the neuropaths of the brain working alone or is the scorceror of the mind the source of our creation?

The source of our thoughts or the visions or images we see in our dreams is something larger than we are. The things we forget that are brought forward are of the source. This must be so! If something we see is an elaborate pattern of visions that are in fact something out of this world we know the thoughts flow from a source larger than the capacities of the mortal mind.

Our subconscious can serve as a guidebook for us if we are able to first sure up the conscious mind. Once we are of a sound mind when we are awake and are able to maintain it, the thoughts or visions we have in our sleep will fall into place. Somehow all of the sudden things will make sense. Once we center ourselves through our practice of meditation we are able to balance ourselves on a larger scale if we work at it enough. Our meditation is a process of healing.

The core of our imagination is also of the absolute or the source of all that we know. One question we can notice is where are the images or actual thoughts contained? The soul is the source of the mind or all thought as we know it so we can consider the mind to be the window to the soul. Our thoughts can sometimes be so surreal we know it is the spring of the absolute that is creating the paintings in our minds. How can the mind work alone? If we go back to the drawing board we know that if we want the source to work for us, be it Krishna or the Tao we must be working towards the absolute itself. If we work for the source it will give back to us.

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