People are the Key to a Greener Planet (Junior ID1)

People are the Key to a Greener Planet

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Medhajunior, Age: 16 years, USA

The majority of the world uses automobiles for transportation, which are powered by fossil fuels. However, the world is quickly learning that fossil fuels are neither renewable sources of energy nor environmentally friendly. And some scientists even proclaim that there is enough petroleum to sustain us for another half a century. So time is running out and communities need to start using alternate sources of energy, conserving electricity, and informing the public on the significance of maintaining the harmony with nature

Your browser may not support display of this image.People all over the world have been polluting the environment, since the 18th century Industrial Revolution. And due to the years of mining and deforestation, the human race is now facing the wrath of Mother Nature through global warming. Today’s generation must begin using renewable resources, like water, wind, solar, and geothermal, in order to restore the balance with nature. For example, neighborhoods all over the world are using solar panels to power houses and other everyday appliances. It’s our responsibility to explore these alternative resources, but it’s also our responsibility to make smart choices on how we use energy.

Your browser may not support display of this image.67% of Americans, who have a computer with internet access, never turn them off. If we can reduce these frightening statistics, we will be one step closer to a nature friendly planet. Little steps, like turning off the computer when you are done using it or limiting the amount of television you watch, can help save electricity. These steps can decrease the usage of electricity and can also create a healthy community. If more kids put down their video games and went outside to play, they would be conserving electricity and having a healthy dose of fun. These changes can be possible, if we can teach communities around the world, about the necessities of preserving the balance between nature and people.

Most people don’t understand the significance of maintaining the harmony with nature, especially big industrial companies. However, we might be able to lessen the amount of people who are unaware of their affects on nature by speaking out about these problems in schools, libraries, and other public arenas. Also communities can inform the public by establishing clean- up crews, nature clubs, and programs to teach the youth of the value of nature. The more people we educate the better chance we will have at a cleaner planet and society. 

The world is relying on the human race to create a greener planet by building communities that are using renewable sources of energy, reducing the use of electricity, and educating the public of the importance of keeping the balance with nature. Neighborhoods in India and the United states have been able to build environmentally safe communities, so sustainable communities are not as farfetched as it may sound. People have already made the mistake of polluting the environment, but it would be an even bigger mistake if we didn’t help fix the problem we created. 



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