Pope and Jehadies

  Pope Bendict is the head of catholic church. Is he spreading the message of love or is he a  politician playing the neocon agenda  is  the question . His behaviour is so different from his predecessor that he does not look like a man of god.

His opening the old controversy of emperor Augustine's remarks about Islam. 

It did not help in healing  the festering relations between Christianity

and Islam. His Easter eve conversion of an Egyptian Allam from Islam into Christianity is  provocative and stand in contrast with conversion of Tony Blair from protestant church to Catholicism done in a quiet way.

    Now suddenly we find the Danish cartoonist's cartoons are reappearing

    Of course the film Firnia by dutch parliamentarian does not help in creating brotherhood.

    Why these things are being done and why immediately there is return comments from jihadies in southasia calling for the head of the cartoonist,street protests etc. Why these things are done?

Pope  made it compulsory to have LATIN WORSHIP ONLY reversing Pope paul's ruling. According to him his Christian  God only understood LATIN! Islam's almighty Allah can understand only Arabic, as was the case with Hindu gods who understand only  Sanskrit as also Sikh gods who hear only Punjabi in gurmukhi script!!!

    It is the duty of RELIGIOUS LEADERS AND SCHOLARS TO bring peace and understanding amongst the world's  religions though they can worship their OWN  gods in Mosques and churches and temples.

What we see is Pope is playing the game of provocation along with neocons while Jehadies have to retaliate immediately in kind and violence. This suits the agenda of people who are interested in creating rift amongst nations and peoples.


 I do not know the age of Jewish and Hindu gods. We all know that Greeks/Romans worshipped Zeus, Diana,Herod etc etc. They do not exist now. What will happen to those ancient humans who lived before let us say 2000 years back who did not have the benefit of teachings of Christ and Prophet Mohamed?

How they are going to be judged after their death? By actions some say? But how the morality of actions will be judged?

      To me Pope and Jehadies have a common agenda of creating enmity amongst people and not love and brotherhood. Increased arm sales,increased bomb detection equipment,TV scanners,metal detectors and whole lot  of security related equipment. It is to me similar to computer Viruses created by the very firms who sell us anti/virus protection and scanning for Trojan horses/malware etc..

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