Prepare for a better Fall during Ritu Sandhi

Finally the season has started changing for the “Better Fall”. This is actually a most important time where one season is slowly transitioning into another. In Ayurvedic term it is called “RITU SANDHI” – collaboration of seasons.

Ritu Sandhi is the time when our doshas are more vulnerable and hence need extra attention in order to be in balance. The first 15 days of the transition is the most crucial. In summer Pitta was dominant, hence we did all Pitta Balancing regimen. Now as we approach Fall, Vata would be dominating more. If we do not take good care to balance our dosha, there is high possibility we may encounter Vata aggravated states like, dryness of skin and mucus membrane, constipation, gas, bloating, coldness, arthritic pain, hair fall, hormonal imbalances etc.

The good news is that few simple Vata balancing regimens would help to relieve Vata imbalances. Qualities of Vata are – cold, dry, rough, mobile, subtle, and light. To balance this we just do the opposite – warm, moist, smooth, slow, gross, heavy. Here are some tips for the Vata season:

  • Choose a warm and moist meal; like oatmeal cereal, ginger tea, warm raw milk with honey etc for breakfast, more of soups and curries for lunch and dinner.
  • Wear warm clothes; cover the head while going out in wind.
  • Self massage with warm sesame or Vata oil 30 mins before shower, 2-3 time a week.
  • Warm sesame oil drops in ear once a week.
  • Limit salads and stress more on cooked food
  • Have a regular daily routine especially for meals, wake up and bed time.
  • Mediation and relaxation is very important to balance the mobile quality of Vata, hence be very regular with meditation and relaxation.

These tips would benefit more for a pure Vata person. I would be very glad to provide with more information and also answer any question. So let us all gear-UP and enjoy the FALL!

Note: Above are the Health tips provided by Rashana Rauniar, Holistic Medicine Practitioner, with her degree in Homeopathic Medicine from India. Visit her website for more information . Consult your nearby doctor in case any severe symptoms persists.

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