Presence of Mind

This is a song titled "Presence of Mind", composed during the heydays of my college music scene. Our own tech-guru Vivek S was the tabla player. Here's the break-down of the band (gosh, has it been 14 years already?).
Dwai/Rudra — Lead guitar/bass
Vivek S — Tabla
Don Rosch – Keyboard
Venkatesh Joshiyar — Carnatic violin
Sanil Nambiar — drums
This is a fusion (Indian Classical with Modern Rock Music) instrumental track with some seriously poor recording quality (done on a simple tape-recorder during one of our Jam sessions before a concert).
The unique feature of this song is in the fact that it was entirely impromptu, improvised around the basic melodic structure. Vivek and Venkatesh were both All India Radio sessions players (accomplished musicians). The rest of us were just rockers with an eclectic bend of mind.

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