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Dear Friends,

We are on the cusp of a revolution (ahem…at least that's what us Medhavi-types like to think) here.
Medha Journal is a unique place on the internet…not many other places have articles, blogs and columns of such intensity and profound intellectual value, and yet not created by some elitist snobs, but normal and simple folks like us.

If you find an article worthy of promoting, please take the effort to "Digg" it, or "StumbleUpon it" or "Facebook it" or use one of the several buttons available at the end of each article. This will ensure that you spread the good word and grow the fine community among your friends, family and fans.

What's in it for us? Well, we will get the pleasure of having other great patrons like yourselves grace us with their presence. This will also ensure that our community grows, and with that our Wisdom (Medha) Quotient (MQ) grows accordingly.

Best Wishes,

Medha Journal Editorial Board.

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