“Saving our world” (Junior ID-16)

“Saving our world”

Participant ID – 16
Medhajunior, Grade, 2nd, USA

We live in a great world.  We have food and water but we are running out of natural resources like crude oil and facing global warming.  Not only will people suffer, the animal kingdom will also get hurt by change of weather and maybe less food to eat.  I learned in books that Antarctica is getting warmer.  One of my favorite animals might be extinct years later because of this. Oh, poor penguins! 

I like animals and I always like to play outside!  So, will global warming take all these great things from us?  Oh, no!  What can I do to make the world a better place for people, animal and plants? 

I learned from TV news last month that The First Lady Michelle Obama planted an organic garden at the White House.  The vegetables will be used for cooking in the kitchen of the White House and the rest will be given away to help those in need like homeless shelters.  That is a great idea and I think I can do that too!  I can spread the words and tell my neighbors, classmates, schoolmates, teachers, and even our principal to grow vegetable gardens at our home and schools. 

We can each grow different vegetables and trade our harvest!  My mom says we can use our own compose to feed the garden and that’s recycling and saving the earth too!  Just like the First Lady, the kids can also bring the vegetables to homeless shelter and cook good and healthy meals for those in need!  I am a cub scout and that is serving my community.  I should write to the Mayor of Fremont and get him to do the same. 

Do our parts, save the world……….

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