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Quantum Healing — Any takers??

I met a very interesting person last weekend in Carmel, California which has become the seat of new-age healers. Miranda is a hypno-therapist and also works with biofeedback and stress management using “Quantum Healing” techniques. She was attending a workshop on “Bio-Energetic Medicine” and she wanted to share

her experiences about her new machine, apparently a magic-see-all kinda machine utilizing quantum energy and bio-resonance to re-align your system that’s gone outta whack and thus prevent disease and restore balance. I was intrigued by the tall claims of this machine and decided to go online to check out this new system.

What I found online was even more incredible. Apparently, this amazing, new technology uses bio-resonance to safely and effectively induce the necessary changes required to reverse the stages of disease and create balance of mind, body and spirit. Apparently, the device tests and balances all areas of stress and imbalance on all levels using EPR, Electrical Physiological Reactivity. A check on the inventor’s biography revealed that he is an accomplished medical doctor, quantum physicist, mathematician, computer expert, naturopath, acupuncturist, and homeopath. He has united all these arts in a dynamic way that all can understand – except me. So, I decided to investigate further. Here is an excerpt from a website promoting the use of this miracle machine:

“An entirely new form of healing has come forward during the latter half of the 20th Century. It bears no resemblance to traditional medicine as practiced in the Western World, because it is not based on biochemistry, on prescription drugs, on blood, on surgery or on an invasive approach to healing. It is an entirely new paradigm known as quantum bio-resonance.

When Albert Einstein laid down the equivalence of matter and energy in his famous formula, E=mc2, it opened up the parameters to see the human system in a new dimension as an electromagnetic field. This was an important step toward energetic medicine and understanding the physics of the human body.

The new form of energetic medicine was based on an entirely new premise: life-exchange information. Light years ahead of the old approach, it is based on the principles of quantum energy. More specifically, in bio-resonance therapy, this new science is based on the electromagnetic oscillations of patients.

With bio-resonance, the body is able to exchange information with the instrument. It sends its electromagnetic signals to the resonance machine, which absorbs them, corrects the body’s oscillations, and sends them back to the body.

For the first time the human organism, with its thousands of different oscillations, was able to correct the frequencies of specific cells. The correction is not done with biochemistry, as in traditional medicine. The correction is accomplished through biophysics and the sending and receiving of oscillations from the instrument. There is a blueprint for perfect health which quantum bio-resonance, or energetic medicine, is able to address and rebalance.

Healthy cells and tissues radiate frequencies of a coherent nature. Diseased cells and tissues radiate oscillations of a chaotic nature. The resonance machine is able to correct chaotic oscillations and turn them into a coherent integrated whole. When these corrections are made on an energetic level, the body can go about healing itself on a physical level.

In energetic medicine, the vibrations of the body are known as physiological oscillations. The disharmonious oscillations are called pathological, and have a disturbed, uneven flow. The harmonious oscillations have an undisturbed, smooth flow. Quantum bio-resonance thus removes disharmonious, disturbed oscillations from the body and replaces them with harmonious, smooth-flow oscillations.

Electromagnetic oscillations are both information carriers and the information itself, at the very same time. Thus, with quantum bio-resonance, oscillations of patients and substances, differences between harmonic and disharmonic vibrations, inversion of disharmonic oscillations – all these come together to create a dynamic new form of therapy.”

Before I write any further on this new method of healing, I want to explain my position on alternative medicine. Though I come from a scientific background, I’m a believer in the healing powers of alternative medicine. I also believe in mysticism and duality of matter – perhaps it’s my Indian origin. There are many mysteries in this universe that science cannot explain – and science doesn’t need to. From that perspective, what I object to is what is claimed in the literature that promotes much of alternative medicine. There you will find the strong assertion that current scientific evidence exists for some entity beyond conventional matter, and that this claim is supported by modern physical theory – especially quantum mechanics.

“Quantum mechanics”, that brilliantly successful flagship theory of modern science, is deeply mysterious and hard to understand. Quantum mechanics is invoked often to explain away inconsistencies, incoherencies, and incompatibilities of new theories in alternative medicine claiming paradigm shift as if the weirdness of quantum mechanics is enough to explain any phenomenon that otherwise remains unexplained using conventional science. Broadly speaking, quantum mechanics incorporates four classes of phenomena that classical physics cannot account for:

(i) the quantization (discretization) of certain physical quantities
(ii) wave-particle duality
(iii) the uncertainty principle and
(iv) quantum entanglement.

Quantum mechanics is often claimed as support for mind-over-matter solutions to health problems. The way the observer is entangled with the object being observed in quantum mechanics is taken to mean that human consciousness actually controls reality. As a consequence, we can all think ourselves into health and, indeed, immortality. "Quantum healing" is based on a particularly misleading interpretation of quantum mechanics1. Many factors, such as the psychological, emotional, and social, contribute to a sense of well-being, in addition to the state of the physical body. While this is often the example used by those who claim to practice holistic medicine, they imply something much more is at work in their treatments.

"Einstein" is a name found frequently in the literature on bio-energetic fields2 and in the excerpt above. Albert Einstein was the most influential physicist of the 20th century, and his immortality rests on his theories of relativity. Einstein was not the inventor of quantum mechanics and objected strongly to its anti-Newtonian and unpredictable character. Still, Einstein contributed greatly to the development of quantum mechanics, especially with his photon theory. Modern quantum mechanics is the progeny of a large group of early 20th century physicists such as Planck, Bohr, de Broglie, Heisenberg, Schrödinger, Pauli, Born, and Dirac to name the most important contributors to quantum mechanics.

Some research on bio-energetic medicine and bio-fields brings forth this definition: "The principles of energy medicine originate in quantum physics. Bio-energetic medicine is the study of human and animal bodies as dynamic electromagnetic fields existing in an electromagnetic environment." The exact nature of the bio-energetic field is not specified. On the one hand, the "bio-field" seems to be identified with the classical electromagnetic field. On the other hand, the "bio-field" is confused with quantum fields or wave functions. Now, physicists know that it can’t be both magnetic and quantum. So far, bio-energetic fields remain mere speculation. If bio-energetic fields exist, then some two hundred years of physics, chemistry, and biology has to be re-evaluated3.

Alternative healing or holistic medicine or faith-based healing, or whatever you might want to call it has its own place and it does not need to bank on the authority of institutional science for establishing its credibility as a natural healing method. The diversity of the level of interaction of a human organism (spiritual, emotional, mental and physical) is not assessable by many of the present standard scientific methodologies. Biofeedback works and scientists are not able to explain exactly how or why. Science has not been around long enough to explain all the mysteries of the universe. Science accepts many phenomena that are inherently unpredictable, from electrons to earthquakes. However, our entire electronic lifestyle is based on the reliability and consistency of electronics. Earthquakes cannot be individually predicted reliably, but the laws of rock fracture and slip are understood with great reliability.

The evidence for a life force might someday be found. In the meantime, whether you buy into quantum healing or not, most people would be better off if they followed some of the sensible recommendations of holistic healing – eat less, exercise your mind and body more, relax, don’t worry so much about being wealthy, successful and famous, eat sensibly, avoid sugary and fatty foods, don’t smoke or drink or use drugs to try to make you feel better, treat other people kindly and with respect, spend more time with friends and family building relationships, take care of our environment, stop polluting our air and water and our bodies and mind!!



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