Radioactive Rants…

I generally infer that laws are similar across multiple domains. An undercurrent of law of nature in physics is applicable in chemistry or biology or even to our general life.

My inference is that many of our Upanishads have been written understanding this law of nature. In this article, I try to map Einstien and Sankara.

I had always inferred that the laws of physics or laws of chemistry or biology or in general laws of sciences are linked in some way and relate to laws of our life. I do not have a mathematical ‘proof’ for it. But this has been my inference for long time.
Some of the laws that I relate from science to general life are:

Newton’s third Law

For example, I always used to wonder at Newton’s third law, which states that ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’. This law I believe does not operate only in the realms of mechanics, but also in many other spheres, including our life. I link this to Krishna’s theory of deeds and fruits of deeds.

Now that this link is something like an accident or they are linked, because life and mechanics are all natural and some natural force is linking up in a predictable, definable way is a question for the future generation.

E=mc2 and Paramatma/ Jeevatma

My current ranting is about a relationship that I have been thinking of for quite a long time, which is about the law of E=mc2, which is well known in a particular way.

Whatever be the value of C, it is just a constant, which means energy is proportional to mass. Simply put all mass carries energy. Some masses are radioactive, release explicit energy and degrade, while many hold their energy internally.

Anyway, radioactivity is not my rant now. Everyone knows this equation can also be equated to what Sankara said several thousand years back. He said Jeevatma and Paramatma are one and the same.

Combining Sankara and Einstien:
Paramatma = Jeevatma * C2.
Paramatma is the all pervasive energy that pervades everything. Jeevatma is the mass that has a physical form and has an existential life. Paramatma like the energy is neither created nor destroyed. The description of paramatma, as given by Krishna in Gita fits the description of energy, very well.
This is also known to many scholars. My point in this blog, is about the ‘C’, which links the jeevatma and paramatma. Einstien proved in physics that this ‘C’ is the velocity of light.
What is the ‘C of our life is the subject of this blog.

E=mc2 and Life/Death


We can also relate E=mc2 with life and death. This is also a well-known concept.

Energy becoming mass and becoming existential is the process of life. And this process of life is what is indicated by this equation.
There is also the reverse side of it. As energy becomes mass is life, mass becoming energy is the process of death. Death is certain for everything except energy. This is what law of conservation of energy states.
Everything including gas clouds, stars and planets have death. Every chemical has death. Every life molecule has death. Mass becoming energy and becoming one with non-existent is the process of death. So this equation indicates both life and death.
The process of physics becoming chemistry and biology is life and biology becoming chemistry and physics is death. And this equation describes the process of life and death.

Radiating Jeevatma to become Paramatma


The difference between energy and mass is dynamism. Energy is dynamic. Mass is static. Energy moves at the velocity of light. It is radiated. When energy stops its movements and condenses, it becomes mass. When mass starts radiating, it becomes energy.

The linkage between mass and energy is this motion or radiation. ‘C’ in physics is the velocity of light, the speed of radiation, whose upper limit seems to be fixed. Hence the linkage between paramatma and jeevatma being this motion or radiation, also seems to be correct.
In the hindu scriptures, it is clearly said that humans cannot reach the abode of devas in the human form. This can be extended to the principle that jeevatma cannot reach upto paramatma until it changes its form.
Applying einstien on Sankara, when jeevatma starts radiating the energy in it, it becomes one with paramatma. Jeevatma in its static form cannot become paramatma, even if it has the paramatma in it.
Jeevatma has to radiate its energy. It has to give out at square the speed of light, what it has. It acquires energy at the speed of light. But it has to give out at square the speed of light. By giving out, by radiating this energy, jeevatma can get rid of its static nature and become completely dynamic.
When all the energy in jeevatama are given out, then it is nothing but paramatma. It becomes paramatma, that is all pervading.
Great beings of this world, have continously radiated energy. They had given out whatever they have had and have not stopped till, nothing exists in them. When they have given out all, they become one with paramatma. They spend their entire life radiating energy.
These radiations can be in the form of wealth, knowledge or love or in so many other forms. But great beings never stop radiating. They continuously radiate their energy, unless their mass is completely stripped off and they become one with energy.
So the best way to become one with paramatma is to radiate. When we radiate our energies, new masses are created with higher forms of intelligence from that energy. For example, when Sun radiates energy, it creates bio-mass and humans. Higher the intelligence of humans, higher they radiate. Sun as Jeevatma is radiating its energy, to become one with paramatma and in that process has created higher intelligent beings.

Jeevatma and paramatma are separated by this nature of radiation. While paramata radiates, jeevatma does not. But if Jeevatma starts radiating, it can become paramatma.

My Message


Radiate. Radiate what you consider as your mass. If your mass is money, radiate it. If your mass is love, radiate it. If your mass is knowledge, radiate it. Radiate and create higher intelligent beings. Like the Sun that radiates and creates us, radiate and create more intelligent beings. Become one with the Paramatma.




* Disclaimer:

Thoughts expressed here may not be in line with thoughts of Swami Jagadatmananda of Sri Ramakrishna Math. While Swamiji is a true expert scholar, I am a novice and has expressed what occurs to me, like a blind man describing an elephant.

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