Rakesh Bahadur’s Analysis of HAF Report

5. Chapter 7 Review – Summary (1st February, 2011)

This is continuation of my earlier review and covers only one aspect (references for the cited 66 cases) of the chapter 7 of the HAF report on Caste.

Statement that “We have not verified the information reported” is important but not sufficient as these cases provide the proof of human right violations of the lower caste.

Can authors of the report provide verified and verifiable references for all the cases cited in chapter 7?

Page 65 of the report states that “We have attempted to provide an overview of the types of violations, illustrated by incidents, as reported by mainstream media outlets”. The chapter further states in para 3 “Nearly all of the incidents are reports of alleged crimes as reported by the press”.

Digging deeper, one gets a different picture.

Total Cases cited


Cases with references from news websites


Cases with non-working hyperlinks

10 out of 22

Cases without any references


A random quick full text search for a few cases leads to sites like Indian Social Institute and Dalit Network as shown below:

Example 1

Page # 80 of HAF Report: June 2006, Kuttiwal, Ajnala Tehsil, Punjab: Children of landlord Dalbir Singh, Kala, Pinda, Mandip and Soni, and police officers from the Lopoke police station beat nine-month pregnant Raj, a SC woman. Raj subsequently gave birth to a dead male baby.

Internet Search: Page # 18 of http://www.isidelhi.org.in/hrnews/HR_THEMATIC_ISSUES/Police/Police-2006.pdf

Example 2

Page # 73 of HAF Report: July 2006, Gummanahalli, Mandya District, Karanataka: SCs reported they were not allowed to enter the village temple or use water from a tank during a local festival.

Internet Search http://www.dalitnetwork.org/go?/dfn/news/C144/

In another case that was narrated, Dalits from Gummanahalli in Mandya district, said that they had been denied permission to enter the “gramadevatha” temple and take water from the tank during the village festival.

Cross checking raised more questions than answers as these cases are the backbone to the claim of discrimination against lower castes.  Based on this proof, one of the recommendations of the report is rejection of parts of the scriptures.

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