Rama Rama Rama Rama


*Sri Rama Rama Rama Rama*


A thousand Suns rose after mid – noon that day.

It was the ninth day of Shukla paksha in Meena maasa.

The Sun was past the highest point in the sky – dome. He stopped for a micro second and felt happy that Bhagawan had kept his promise.

The Moon was in Punarvasu.


The Deva ganas and Rishi ganas rejoiced.

The tapas of the fortunate parents had been answered.

Sri Vasishta Maharshi smiled as he uttered the nama *Ra – ma.*

“It gets sweeter with each chanting!” He thought.

Elsewhere another Maharshi smiled too, thinking about how the yagya of Rishis was going to be protected as they should be.

“He and his brother will come here soon!” He said to himself.

Sri Gautama Maharshi folded his hands together as his gaze fell on what looked like a rocky mound.

Tears fell from his eyes. “He’ll come here soon to bless her !”


A certain chief of Nishadas, polished one of his very well polished boat.

“I and my boat will wait for him!” He thought.


A little farther away, in Mithila , a Rajarishi shed tears of joy. He was a Gnani and this rarely happened.

*”He* is here!
Some time later, *she*’ll be here too! And I won’t be childless for long!”
He told himself.


A certain bear- king and a certain Vanara couple saw many good shaguns and they knew he had arrived.

The Vanara lady thought to herself.
“This child has arrived. By his grace, mine will arrive soon too!”


A certain mighty bird roaming the jungles of Panchavati folded his old wings together in prayer.

They were needed for one last battle, then from his lap and with his affectionate send-off, it was *Moksha* for him! . 🙏🏼🙏🏼

His wounded brother living somewhere near the Seas in the South Eastern corner of Bharata (TN !) 😊smiled too.

One day they will arrive there to that beach in search of her and the Vanaras were going to chant his nama and he will have his wings back!


A certain Rakshasa in Lanka, who was a brother of the mightiest Rakshasa of all, saw many auspicious signs.


Dear Bandhu

*You were there ;*
*I was there too!* 🙏🏼🙏🏼😊

We were in Ayodhya, during Treta yuga. 😊

We rejoiced. After all, we had cried along with our then childless King and Queens. They performed several austerities.

We undertook vratham too along with them.

And when HE arrived, we cried tears of joy and the flow rivalled Sarayu’s flow.

She flowed faster in sheer joy! 😊

*Sri Narayana graced us with himself* and it’s now time to celebrate his birth!

He is dheenabandhu we are dheenas.

Why fear when he’s here? 🙏🏼🙏🏼


Happy Thursday!
Guruvar Greetings!

Sri Rama Navami Greetings!

Shri Guru Maharaj ki Jai!

Sri Sita Ram ki Jai!

Sri Lakshman-Bharat-Shatrughan ki jai!

Sri Hanuman ki jai!!

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