Rama Sethu-Musings Of A Construction Worker


Rama Sethu-Musings Of A Construction Worker


The golden disc above

Is beating down in his fury

The blue sea looks menacing

The task seems impossible

The path insurmountable


Would we be able to

Build a bridge to reach

The palace of the mighty one

Which is so far away?

Would we be able to get the

Fair one out of harm's way?


Sweat pours down some faces

Weariness draws lines

On some other faces

But all faces

Men monkeys bears and others

Have one expression

That's hard determination

That , together they'd build a bridge

In the name of the dark -skinned prince.



Here he is, smiling,

Saying soothing words

The sun seems like a full moon

The waves seem friendly

The sea seems crossable

The task really possible!


I pick a small stone in my mouth

And drop it in the gap between those huge boulders

Laid there by mightier animals

I wish I had been stronger, bigger

But this is the frame I am trapped in now

This is my guise for this lifetime

And this is something I can do

For all my tiny body is worth…


I look up and there! It's him!

The prince in the garments of an ascetic

The prince who uses his power wisely

The prince whose one glance

Would relieve men monkeys and all

From endless cycles of birth and death…



I have no words to say anything

Am just a little being

He put here for some reason

 I can't carry mighty boulders

I have not a mighty form

But I can tell you this much


I would build any bridge across anywhere

If only, in only I can see

 His eyes, his compassion filled eyes

Just once, just only once.


He sees me, his lotus eyes fill with tears

He picks me up and the ties that bound me

Break with a CLANG!

I am born again! I am blessed!


What a small being!

He exclaims

And what hard work!

He praises


A couple of his tears fall

On the lines his fingers made

When he strokes my back

Eons might pass

But I'd always remember that touch

I might be small and simple

But I'd say this too


Every effort counts

If it means ,  you stand by

The values and ideals that can

Never be dredged out

Not ever.


The sarcastic media watcher in me posted [ in Sulekha]sarcastic articles about teh way this issue is handled.

The irrationalistic, stubborn believer in me posts this here…

This is based on  a story about how Indian Squirrels got their stripes on their backs-One of them helped out in his own little way in the bridge construction and was rewarded by Ram with love.










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