Rationally speaking

Rationally Speaking.

Sanjaya was blessed with a divine vision and he was able to record what went on in the battle field.

That was a different era.

We, who despite ourselves ,sometimes watch 24 hour news channels , read some blog posts and  some "main stream"newspapers can always fall asleep and have a  vision of….

What follows.


If this blog reminds you of a circus, the author is in no way responsible.

This is a drama that wrote itself [ but I have the copyright] so the author owes no one any explanation why some characters walk in and  out of this circus.  

Undivinely inspired by polico talk and blogger talk.

Previously posted in Sulekha blogs months ago.

But the subject matter of the satire [ or is it one? This seems very "ithi haasa"!]

is an evergreen one, ever relevant to us.

An informal meeting was arranged at an undisclosed destination to thrash out new ideas and the main players are a politician from TN and his friend from the North ,some thinkers and a  bakra who happened to stray in to the zone.

  I am calling an ambulance just in case as I don't know what will happen at the end-I am just reporting what I saw and heard.

  You can get off this roller coaster now-don't tell me I didn't warn you.


NL ["Northern" leader]: Much has been said. Time for some peace and quiet.

  TNL[ "Tamil Nadu" leader]: What is said is said. We need some theories now. It's urgent!

  Thinker 1: That's why we are here Sir. We have chalked out some strategies and ways to counter the fools who oppose us.

  Thinker 2: We should  use the "F" word more often, errr, I mean freedom.

  [A stray dog , pulled in by the smell of samosas finds a corner and curls up.]

  TNL: [ with some interest]: Tell me.

  Thinker 1: People want to know why hurtful words are said about their idols. They say it's wrong.

  Thinker 2: Once we start, we can't stop and if we let people believe it's all for their good we can do anything.

  We can spit on them, throw mud on their faces, jump on them and if they oppose, we call them fascists!

  NL & TNL: Brilliant. But not new.

  Thinker 2: Listen to this piece on freedom.

  "If people worship idols that's their freedom . If other people break the same idols that's their freedom too.

  [Stray dog looks terrified and almost drops the samosa.]

  Leaders: Brilliant! We love freedom especially when we can define it!

  Thinker 1: But,  some idiots are dragging the names of respected rationalistic stalwarts and asking why they went around breaking things that some people worshipped…and why even now they insult their sentiments. The trend is disturbing.

  TNL: [angry] No one has any right to talk about that! They are fascists and rabid fundamentalists!

  Thinker 2: And those rats and scum who question us,when they argue, resort to  personal attacks  ! Flea filled dogs!  

 Stray dog smiles at this reference to himself.He likes being referred to .

  Thinker 1:I mean our theory on rationalism says we define what is rational and what isn't.

  And as per that thought, we can say anything  do anything and it's all in the name of opposing outdated practices and superstitions that have been…

  Bakra: Is that why people build memorial places for leaders and walk in to the zone barefoot?Is that why, we…

  Thinkers: While we agree with your right to say what you say, we think you ought not have said that. But the fact that you say this reflects your personality that is not rational ,and that automatically is not right.Talks like this show you might be right winged which is a wrong wing.

  Bakra: I don't have any wing. Just two arms and two legs. But if you guys keep talking ,I will hang the parliament once again!

  NL: That's all you can do. Haahahaha! You don't know math, we know math. Go and figure that out.

  TNL: Anyone who opposes our ideas are Hitlers , Goebbelses and Vibeeshans who betrayed dear Ravan!

  Bakra 1: Cant forget Ramayan , can we?

  NL: Who let this manuvadi in here?

  TNL: Aryans!

  Bakra: Can I have some proof for that Aryan bit?

  NL, TNL and the thinkers in unison: FASCIST! We know your agenda! You don't want a poor politician make billions and you are an upper class rat! It's an Aryan conspiracy!

Bakra: I am not upper class.  Even in trains, I travel second class .

I pay my taxes. Why can't I ask questions?

  Thinker 1: You can ask questions as long as you agree with us.  

Thinker 2: There are a lot of evidences that Aryans came in to India, subjugated the indigenous population and many eminent historians have proved this many times.
Some historians don't agree with this theory now because they are…

  Bakra : Fascists?

  Thinker: If you don't want to believe it shows who you are.

Leaders [to thinkers in a low voice]: Hurry up! Ask our friends to publish papers about crucial evidences to prove Aryans killed Dravidians in a fierce battle!Drop some blood drenched-note from a dying Dravidian …  

Invisible me:WOW!Next blog!!!

Thinker 2: Please, please, that thing about that battle in another meeting.

Now about what has happened and possible effects …

  SD looks visibly upset , he drops the samosa  and runs away.

  The cell phone rings and the leaders look pale after attending the call.

  Thinkers: What's the matter?

  Leaders: You and your theory on freedom! I hadn't noticed that high strung chap who listened to you intently-a party worker I think-that $%^^& went and broke the statue of our late leader! 
  And that other TV channel has televised that and now trumpeting gleefully to the state that we broke the statue of the revered late leader!

  Thinkers: We  know who did that! That bakra over there!

 Leaders: [ sadly] : Your theories brought about this tragedy. It's all over the TV and some other rival channels are talking about that too…please keep these theories quite for some time.  

Rationalist TNL: Its all my bad luck and a badder horoscope.

We've to go now and clear this mess, until another one crops up.


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