recapturing Crete

recapturing Crete

Jim Clark

A warrior who lost his men wandered off into a canyon in a foreign land.  He traveled there to fight against invading armies who attacked the natives.  Several ships went ashore.  The men left the boats on the northern shore then hiked into the mountainside to assist the outnumbered natives.  Most of the fleet went to the mainland to back up struggling forces there.  The forces who went ashore made a big mistake finding a scattered outnumbered force that was in fact in trouble.  Four ships went ashore, it was a small group of crusaders.  The two larger ships had a crew of 80 men.  The smaller boats carried just 42 men.  A limited number of skilled knights went to attempt to drive the Arab invaders off the island to save the warriors attempting to hold on to the island.  After finding a group of stragglers who fled into the mountains after a severe battle where the men of Crete lost most of their force.  The crusaders were filled in on the intricacies of the situation.

The men split up into four groups, a division from each ship.  One went back to the north shore to hold the ships taking the stragglers back from the mountains along who were in need of rest to regain their strength.  One group of men hiked towards western Crete where the worst battle took place.  Another went into the mountains to find more of the scattered men who were attempting the reorganize.  The third group went east where the men who went back to the boats were planning to take harbor after sailing the ships around the island.  The plan was for one division to scout out the western side of the island where the Arab force was encamped.  The division that went into the mountainside planned on finding the displaced Cretes’ in order to take them to the eastern shore to regroup.  Those who went west wanted to avoid the Arabs until all of the men could gather together on the eastern part of the island allowing a larger more organized planned attack against the enemies to be set into action.

At first the crusaders who went into the mountains found Cretes’ attempting to bring their men back together either to fight or escape the Arabs armies that outnumbered them.  The Crusaders took charge of tactics since their wit was more in control than the Crete warriors who were unable to keep the bearings of their minds as a result of their loss.  The division located a number of small groups of men on their trek bringing the remaining men together.  The Cretes’ spoke of the battle in great fear.  The Arabs were looking for those who remained alive.  Those who went west faced the greatest danger.  The men of Crete fought well except the attacking armies were too great in number.  Those who were recovered were tired laking focus all attempting to regroup on their own before the crusaders arrived.  The crusaders led them to the eastern shore where the ships were making port.  The men who went west got into skirmishes against small Arab divisions winning on their overall fighting skill and tactic.  Concealed at first after finding the main force of Arabs on the coast,  the men were then ambushed.  One man survived.  He fought along side of his men after getting ambushed in a ravine.  He fell off a rock face in the fight ending up in the river below.  As he surfaced he was taked downstream in the fastcurrent of the rapids.  He struggled for his breath as he battled the raging water.  Further downstream he reached the shore where he climbed up on a river rock to recover, amazed to be alive.

The battle was out of his sight now.  His men were lost.  The archers took man after man in the begining of the sqirmish though the knights kept coming.  Unable to hold the enemies off the band of knights was overtaken as the Arabs charged in.



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