Relaxing into Your Being: The Water Method of Taoist Meditation Series, Vol. 1

This is the first volume of a two-part series on The Taoist Water Meditation techniques, as taught to B K Frantzis by his teacher Liu Hung Chieh, a Taoist Master. Frantzis is now the lineage holder in this tradition. This book describes the preliminary and intermediate levels of Water Meditation and covers basics about Taoist Breathing, Standing Meditation and Moving Meditation techniques, along with anecdotes from Frantzis’ eventful several decades as a student of the Martial Arts and Meditation.

I have a personal collection that comrpises most of Frantzis’ work. Of all the titles that he has produced, I find this book and it’s counterpart (Vol 2 of Taoist Water Meditation) the most impressive. This book is meant for all seekers, from the serious beginner to intermediate and advanced level practitioners.

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