Relief from spring season allergies

As we approach spring season we experience manifestations of allergies and congestions. In Ayurveda this is considered as “Kapha” time of the year. Kapha is one the three bio-energies in the body, the other two bio-energies are Vata and Pitta. One can achieve much relief in allergic symptoms by following Kapha balancing diet and lifestyle.


Kapha, which is formed due to the combination of water and earth element has certain qualities. By doing just the opposite of those qualities, we are able to balance the Kapha. The Kapha qualities are mostly:


Physical                                  Mental

Cold                                         loving

Moist                                       caring

Heavy                          compassionate

Dull                                        grounded


The opposite of this would be warm, dry, light, mobile.  Try to choose diet that would balance Kapha.


  • Adding hot spices (like ginger, garlic, peppers, limited amount of red pepper) to food would liquefy the mucus and relief congestions.
  • Avoid Kapha aggravating food like (cheese, milk, yogurt, cold food) especially when you are congested or having mucous producing cough.
  • Honey (preferably aged) is very beneficial for balancing Kapha. Take 2 tsp of warm water with 1tsp honey and ½ pinch turmeric powder every morning for sinus congestions and loose cough.


Following activities can be beneficial to reduce Kapha producing symptoms;

  • Rigorous exercise; playing tennis, or aerobics are beneficial for Kapha.
  • Pranayama, the yogic breathing exercises are a good approach to strengthen the respiratory organs and also to flush out wastes from the body.

Another very effective way to relief nasal congestion is to perform “Neti”. Here we pour warm saline water through one nostril and let it come out through the other nostril. “Neti Pots” are ideal for this but one can also use tubes for taking in the water. If there is any confusion, it is best to consult an ayurvedic practitioner and learn the procedure.


Whatever way we approach our health, the goal is to be healthy, happy and to be in harmony with the nature. So let us all enjoy this lively spring season and rejuvenate ourselves with the lovely trees and flowers that the nature has offered us this spring season!

Note:  Above are the Health tips provided by Rashana Rauniar, Holistic Medicine Practitioner, with her degree in Homeopathic Medicine from India.  Visit her website for more information .  Consult your nearby doctor in case any severe symptoms persists. 


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