Resting in the witness – Constant meditation

In course of meditation such as breath observation or any repetitive action (preferably done in a relaxed manner), the mind naturally tends to wander (even running tends to do that, and is true for walking as well). This is true with Mantra practice as well. I’ve found that some mantras are easy to focus on and help make the mind single-pointed. Some others tend to happen at one level of consciousness while the mind still wanders.
Through all this, the one thing that becomes very obvious is this – There is a part of our consciousness that witnesses the wanderings of the mind, happenings in the physical  or energetic body, etc. The big thing that many people miss during mediation is, the very fact that one is “witnessing” their mind or their body or energy is a solid and essential step in getting to rest in “stillness/emptiness/I am-ness” etc.
Often people get disturbed by the contents of their mind and succumb to self-judgement, guilt, self-pity and a wide swathe of negative emotions and reactions. It is very important to not do any of that. Just know that who we are is the witness, not the mind or its contents, or the physical or energetic body. We are not even the intellect. 
Knowing that, when one rests in the witness in course of even their regular life (i.e. waking, active time and not just during “meditation time”), it becomes constant meditation, a resting in a natural and peaceful state of being.

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