Reusing Plastic Bags (Junior ID-10)

Reusing Plastic Bags

Participant ID – 10
Medhajunior, Grade, 3rd, USA


            I want to reuse plastic bags by making them into backpacks and other things.  I want to do it because it will be cool having plastic backpacks and plastic books which is very awesome!  Plastic bags that are reused help our environment because it reduces waste.  One time, I saw a plastic bag hanging on a tree when I was playing tennis.  I was furious! 

            I want my idea to happen by giving the plastic bags to a place where they sell backpacks. Then we give our plastic bags to the stores and they will make it into plastic backpacks.  Then people will think it is very special and they will want to buy it.  That is how I think my idea will happen. 

            I will hope my idea will happen so people can reuse plastic bags into plastic backpacks.  When people can buy the backpacks and show them to their schools, people will think that are “cool” and they will want to buy more. 

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