Revival of The Medha Journal

As I worked through the revival of The Medha Journal, it didn’t seem like a lot of time had passed since we had taken the website down. I know it pained many of you, my dear Medhavis and readers, as it pained me a lot more.

There were many reasons for my taking the website down.

  • It was too expensive to run in its previous incarnation.
  • The software being used was very complicated and took up too much time to maintain, as well as to ensure prevention of spam, threats of hijacking etc.
  • The wind had gone out from my sails, so to speak, and I was focussed more on my sādhanā (spiritual practice).

I looked at the last published article date and it was in December 2013! Almost five years had gone by as I pondered over whether Medha Journal needed a rebirth, and if so, in what incarnation, what would be its mission this time around, and so on and so forth!

Maybe too much water has flowed since December 2013, or maybe nothing has changed at all. I am hoping that with this revival and a new and improved format will drive more participation and exchanges, in the same vein as it had been since it’s inception in 2007.

I know that none of this could have been possible without your patronage and love. Therefore I thank you all, and wish that you provide feedback about what you like about the new incarnation, what you would like to see, etc to me at [email protected].

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4 Replies to “Revival of The Medha Journal”

  1. Dear Dwai,
    I like the feel of the new format. The careful work you must have done to choose it in place of the earlier complicated and expensive version would seem to have paid dividends. I do look forward to be a part of it and enjoy my experience.

    1. Dear Partha,

      Thanks for the feedback. I hope the experience of writing articles will be simple and user-friendly as well. Please let me know.


  2. Dwai, the soft reupload is nice i am happy is available, the previous incarnation back in 2007 and 2008 was totally awesome in it’s original form
    Best, JIM
    Dandavats (long life)

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