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Aitareya Upanishad says Purusha was drawn out and spread to protect the Universe, from the same essence/soul from which Amba came.  According to Aitareya Upanishad Purusha was formed to bind and protect the Universe. Modern Science says Dark matter could possibly be the binding force of the Universe.


Also Purusha Suktam says that Purusha fills 3/4th of Universe, while modern science says dark matter fills 3/4th of Universe. Sankhya philosophy states that Purusha never interacts with Prakrti, but influences the gunas of prakrti. Modern science says that dark matter never interacts with matter but is not aware of how dark matter influences matter. I had explained the mapping of Sankhya to science in these blogs:


Thus purusha is nothing but the dark matter that fills 3/4th of Universe and never interacts with matter, but influences the matter in different ways (for eg spin of matter particles)  as I explained in different blogs on Aitareya Upanishad and Science of Sankhya Philosophy.


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Rudra: Force that vibrates the Strings

Rudra means vibrations. Ru indicates howl/cry/vibrations. Dra indicates running. Rudra means running vibrations. Vibrations that run and spread far and wide. In other words vibrations that make the Universe. Many interpret this vibration as ‘howling’ and western scholar interpret Rudra as ‘howler’. Rudra is the force that vibrates. In that sense, yes Rudra is a howler.


In the Aitareya Upanishad, formations of strings from a plasmic quark-gluon condensate is described, in the explanation provided by me in my blog on Aitareya Upanishad. The force that sets these vibrations is called Rudra.  Rudra has 11 different types of vibrations and these vibrations make up the entire Universe and its space.


These 11 different types of vibrations of Rudra and thus the 11 different spatial dimensions are explained in this blog, along with the reasons for different names of Rudra.

Rudra and Space

According to Aitareya Upanishad, Space of Universe is formed by Marichi, which is a set of force fields. Marichi is a set of three vibrations or force fields that form the fundamental space of Universe. Refer to my blog on Aitareya Upanishad.


But space of Universe, as we perceive it, is a set of eleven vibrations or eleven force fields, corresponding to eleven Rudras. These force fields or vibrations fill the space, act on matter and biological beings and trigger/guide the evolutionary process. Thus Space is nothing but a set of force fields and vibrations.


Each vibration or force field of Space is seen/perceived as a spatial dimension both mathematically and logically.


There are eleven Rudras corresponding to eleven vibrations/force fields present in the space. Each force field in space translate to one dimension of space. Hence there are eleven dimensions of space corresponding to eleven Rudras. Thus Rudras and Space are same.


Neela-Kanda – Amba – The first Vibration – Maha Deva

Rudra is called Neela-Kanda because Rudra the Maha-Deva (or the Great Force) was born from the Blue junction of Amba and linga which split and content of Amba and Linga fused as explained in my blog on Nasadiya Suktam.


Rudra is Neela-Kanda not because Rudra is blue throated, but because Rudra the Maha-Deva or Great force is born from a Blue-throat or Blue junction of Amba. Rudra the Great Force is the first Vibration (Howling) of Rudra. (as explained in my blog on Nasadiya Suktam)


This force field born from Amba called the Maha Deva manifests itself throughout the Universe.


Amba is a point somewhere in the Universe from which everything has evolved (and towards which everything is going back) as explained in my blog on Nasadiya Suktam. This point of Amba is the first Spatial dimension of the Universe.


This point of Amba is also the reference to the first spatial dimension of the Universe. All things can be referred with respect to the position of Amba (moving towards or moving far off).


Kala-Agni – Purusha – The second Vibration – Shiva

Purusha (dark matter) influences a fire on Amba and is called the Kala-Agni or Black Fire, according to my explanation of Aitareya Upanishad. Purusha (dark matter) manifests itself as a fire in Amba. This fire on Amba is the second Vibration (Howling) of Rudra.


The force field of Purusha (dark matter) called Shiva is present throughout the Universe. Krishna says in Bhagavat Gita, that he is the Shiva of the Rudras in this context that Shiva is a manifestation of Purusha as Vishnu/Krishna is. The force field of dark matter forms the next constituent of space and is the second dimension of space.


The spread out plane of dark matter of Purusha is the second spatial dimension of the Universe. The dark matter is also a reference to the second spatial dimension of the Universe. All things in Universe can be referred with the respect to position of Amba and Purusha in two dimensions.

Trika-Agni Kala – Marichi – The third, fourth, fifth vibrations –  Bhima, Virupaksha, Vilohita

Purusha starts a fire on Amba and that gives rise to three different Vibrations or Force Fields called Marichi. These three different Vibrations are the third, fourth and fifth Vibrations of Rudras. This is explained in my blog on Aitareya Upanishad.

According to my interpretation of Aitareya Upanishad, Prana is the strong binding force field that results at sub-atomic scales the Strong Force (gluons), akSi/Caksu is a high penetrating/pervading, high intensity force field, but limited range, the Cosmic Microwave Background (a form of electro-magnetic radiation), Karnau is a high boring force with infinite range called Higgs force field, which causes the mass of particles and results in Gravitational force.


Each of these force field is a vibration of Rudra or the howling of Rudra.


Hence Rudra is also called Trika-Agni Kala, as Rudra results in these three force fields or three fires from the Black fire. Aitareya Upanishad says Universal space is formed out of Marichi which is the Sum of these 3 force fields that emerge from Amba.


Marichi is made of these three force fields and forms the Space according to Aitareya Upanishad. When Mara (the mortal particles as explained below) interact with Marichi (the force fields) they give rise to various ‘quanta’  or ‘packets’ of energy, which can be visualized as a particke. No wonder, Marichi means both a field and a particle.


Strong Force (gluons) field, CMB and Higgs are three force fields that can be visualized as the bed that forms the space on which all matter particles evolve. This to some extent explains why Gravitational field warps near massive bodies. According to this explanation almost all the three fields including the electro-magnetic field of CMB and strong force fields warps near massive bodies like stars and planets apart from Gravitational field.


Strong Force Field – Third Spatial Dimension

The Strong force field is the third dimension of Space. In other words third spatial dimension of Universe is due to the Strong force field that is present and forms a fundamental layer of space.


All things in Universe can be referenced with the Strong force field and are impacted by Strong Force field.


Since all known matter particles are impacted by the Strong Force field (of prana), all known particles are three dimensional in nature.


According to Modern science ‘quanta’ or ‘packet’ of this Strong force field is called ‘gluons’, which is in the family of Bosons. This is called Prana in Aitareya Upanishad and provides the third spatial dimension of Universe.  This force field is called the Bhima Rudra.


Cosmic Microwave Background – Fourth Spatial Dimension

The force field that causes cosmic microwave background is the fourth dimension of Space. The fourth dimension of a matter particle is dependent on the quantity of its impact by the Electro-magnetic field of this CMB.


For eg. all matter including biological beings are four dimensional in nature, the quantity of impact varying.


All things in Universe can be referenced with the Electro-magnetic field.


According to Modern science ‘quanta’ or ‘packet’ of this CMB are the ‘photons’ which is in the family of Bosons. This is called Caksu in Aitareya Upanishad and is the fourth spatial dimension of Universe. This force field is called the Virupaksha Rudra.


Higgs Field – Fifth Spatial Dimension

The Higgs field is the fifth dimension of Space or fifth vibration of Rudra. In other words the fifth spatial dimension of Universe is due to the Higgs field.


The fifth dimension of matter is dependent on the quantity of its impact by the Higgs field. Bigger the size of an object or particle, bigger is the fifth dimension of a particle. For eg Earth can said to posses a larger fifth dimension compared to an object inside the Earth.


According to Modern Science the quanta or packet of this Higgs fields is called ‘Higgs Boson”, which is in the family of Bosons. This is called Karna in the Aitareya Upanishad. This force field is called the Vilohita Rudra


Tripura-Antaka – Mara – Sixth, Seventh, Eight Vibrations – Abhirbudhnya, Shasta, Ajapada

The strings that form on Amba start vibrating in three different ways and makes these strings look like different forms of Matter particles. There are 3 basic vibrations that make three basic different types of Matter particles.


Mara means mortal matter. Mara has three basic forms. Hrdyam (core particles), Mana (hidden particles) and Candrama (satellite particles). These are formed from strings that crystallized out of Amba’s heat and suffocation, due to different vibrations.

Three Hidden Vibrations – Three Hidden Dimensions (6,7,8)

The vibration of String that forms the Core particles is the sixth Vibration of Rudra. The vibration of String that forms the Hidden particles is the seventh vibration of Rudra. The vibration of String that forms the Satellite particles is the Eighth Vibration of Rudra.


According to modern science, Core particles (Hrdayam of Aitareya) could be mapped to Baryons, Hidden particles (mana of Aitareya) to Mesons and Satellite particles (Candrama of Aitareya) to Leptons. Baryons and Mesons together are from family of Quarks.


But these vibrations are hidden deep inside the strings and are not perceived unlike the vibrations of Marichi. These are known only in the form of matter particles that have a mortal form. In other words, the vibrations are immortal, while the matter particles that are formed out of these vibrations of strings are mortal. Mara means mortal form of matter that has death.


Thus compared to other vibrations of Rudra (for eg Marichi), these three vibrations of Rudra that form the Mara are completely hidden and ended deep inside the matter particles.


Tripura means three blocks or a set of three or three sides or three dimensions. Antaka means boundary or that is hidden. Tripura Antaka means that ends or hides the three dimensions. Rudra is Tripura-Antaka as Rudra’s these three vibrations are hidden or ended deep within the strings that make up the Mara particles. Hence these three spatial dimensions, though they are present everywhere, are hidden.


In Spatial terms, these three vibrations form the sixth, seventh and eighth dimensions of Spatial Universe and are present all throughout the Universe, but are hidden. All matter particles possess the sixth, seventh and eighth spatial dimensions, but this force field or dimension is kind of curled up deep inside the particles.


Mapping Aitareya Upanishad to Modern science, it can be safely said that strings formed of Amba vibrate and produce Quarks, Leptons and Bosons.


Tryambaka – Apa – Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Vibrations – Bhava, Chanda, Shambu

Though I had explained Tryambaka (the three forms of Amba or three products of Amba) as Marichi, Mara and Apa, the more accurate explanation for Tryambaka is the three forms of Apa. (Refer to my blog on Mrtyunjaya Mantra)


Rudra’s ninth, tenth and eleventh vibrations manifest in biological sphere. These vibrations are present all over the Universe and emanate from Amba.


Force field that forms Complex Protein – 9th Dimension

Ziznam is a rod or tail like structure that rises and forms the basis of life. I interpret them as complex proteins that gives rise to the Dhruva, Dhara, Anila and Anala of Ashta Vasus. These in turn give rise to the DNA and various other structures on which rides the consciousness of Purusha in the form of Narayana.


Rudra is the Vibration that creates the ziznam. This is the ninth vibration of Rudra.  This vibration of Rudra gives rise to primitive proteins that form the DNA when conditions for it are appropriate in the Universe.


Force field that forms acidic medium – 10th Dimension

Reta gives rise to Soma, the acidic substance of the Ashta Vasus.  In this acidic substance floats the DNA and this Soma forms the nucleus in advanced cells. This is the tenth vibration of Rudra.


This is the tenth vibration of Rudra that gives rise to Soma or nucleus of cells, when conditions for it are appropriate in the Universe.

Force field that forms alkaline medium – 11th Dimension

The eleventh vibration of Rudra gives rise to Apa the alkaline medium of life. This is nothing but cyto-plasmic fiber filaments that make up the cyto-plasm. Thus Rudras eleventh force field gives rise to advanced cells and beings under appropriate Universal conditions.


Thus Rudra is called the Tryambaka, as the three vibrations of Rudra give rise to life.


Rudra – The Dakshinamoorthy

Rudra the force-fields emanate from Amba. These force-fields can be visualized as emanating from the top of Amba (in the North) and moving towards Southern Direction.


Hence Rudra the force fields are called Dakshinamoorthy, which means the ‘Southern manifestation’.


Thus these eleven force-fields can be visualized similar to lines of magnetic field that moves from North to South, as moving from North of Amba to South of Amba. Hence Rudra faces the South direction


Expanding force-fields – Expansion of Space/Universe

The expansion of Universe is nothing but the expansion of Universal space. The expansion of Universal space is nothing but the expansion of force-fields or Rudras.


 Thus as the force-fields expand from North to south, the Universe expands moving away from north of source point (Amba) of Universe. But as the expansion keeps accelerating, the universal space or the eleven force-fields that constitute the space keep moving towards the south of Amba or in other words, Universe collapses back into Amba, only to re-emerge from Amba and the cycle continues.


This cycle of expansion and collapsing of Universe is well documented in Bhagavata and several puranas. This is called the Rudra-Thandava or the Dance of Rudra (Dance of running vibrations) alternating between life and death.


Thus the direction of ‘South’ is associated with death and destruction. Thus Rudra the force fields get associated with death and destruction.

The names of Eleven Rudras

Though the names of Rudras propounded by different scriptures are varied and depends on the time at which a certain scripture was written, a standard reference could be the Jyotish sastras which contain the eleven divisions of Rudramsa. Since the Vedic astrology is tightly linked to astronomy the Rudras mentioned in Jyothis sastras could be taken as a reference for the name of Rudras.


The eleven Rudras that rule the eleven division chart of Rudramsa are Kapali; Pingala; Bhima; Virupaksha;Vilohita; Shasta; Ajapada; Abhirbudhnya; Shambu; Chanda ;and Bhava.


Kapali indicates the Skull (expressed in feminine terms) or a cup/bowl that is used to hold food. In other words it could be termed as the female head or female provider. It denotes the force of Rudra embedded deep inside Amba. Hence the first Rudra is the Kapali Rudra.


Pingala indicates a Reddish brown fire. It is the fire that starts in Amba under the influence of Purusha, as explained above. Hence the second Rudra is the Pingala Rudra


Bhima indicates a strong, terrific and tremendous force. It is the Prana force  (Strong Force or Gluons in modern terms) that builds up the fire in Amba, as explained above. Hence the third Rudra is the Bhima Rudra.


Virupa-aksha indicates multi-fold, multi-colored eyes. It is the akSi/Caksu force (CMB force field) that emanates from Amba, as explained above. Hence the fourth Rudra is the Virupaksha Rudra.


Vilohita indicates deep red force. Red indicates long range. It is the Higgs force-field that has a long range with low intensity (Higgs field) as explained above. Hence the fifth Rudra is the Vilohita Rudra.


Abhirbudnya indicates something that is in the depths or deep inside the core. It is the Vibration that causes the strings formed on Amba to vibrate like Core particles (Baryons), as explained above. Hence the sixth Rudra is the Abhirbudhnya Rudra.


Shasta indicates to restrain, control, order or command. It is the vibration that causes the strings formed on Amba to look like the hidden particles, which are the ‘Mana’ Particles (Mesons) as explained above. Hence the seventh Rudra is the Shasta Rudra.


Ajapada indicates goat footed. It is the vibration that causes the strings formed on Amba to move away and form the Satellite particles (Leptons) with a different Vibration. This is the force that brings in the Apana (driving away force or Weak Force of W and Z bosons) and starts the process of the Radio-active Decay which is nothing but death, as explained in my blog on Aitareya Upanishad.


It is called goat-footed as with this force atoms get formed with  penta/hexagonal structure. (multiple elliptical orbits of satellite particles around the core particles form a goat-foot shaped structure)


Bhava indicates coming to existence or birth. It is the vibration that causes ziznam. Hence the ninth Rudra is the Bhava Rudra.


Chanda indicates alluring or inviting. It is the vibration that causes the Reta which means a moving stream or flow. Hence the tenth Rudra is the Chanda Rudra.


Shambu indicates bring together or meet or joining. It is the vibration that brings together ziznam, reta and Apa and provides the platform for life, as explained above. Hence the eleventh Rudra is the Shambu Rudra.


All biological beings possess the ninth, tenth and eleventh dimensions, in the Spatial Universe. The force fields that are present in space everywhere (that emanate from Amba) drive the process of creation of proteins, acidic mediums and alkaline medium which initiates the process of biological life. These force fields could be understood as manifesting as environmental conditions for the evolution of biological life (for eg water, temperature etc) all over the Universe to create these proteins, acids and bases.

Rudra and Narayana

While Rudra is a set of eleven vibrations that emanate from Amba, the starting point of Universe and act in eleven different ways, Maha-Vishnu/Narayana/Hari are evolution of consciousness of Purusha in the process of Self-Realization.


According to Nasadiya Suktam, the whole formation of Universe and the evolutionary process is due to the attempt of realization of Self by the ‘Unknown’ by going through intelligence evolution. Refer to my blog on Nasadiya Suktam here;



In this blog, I had mapped the eleven Rudras to the forces mentioned in the Aitareya Upanishad Khanda I and to Scientific theories of evolution of Universe. From the Aitareya Upanishad, I had propounded concepts of Space being a combination of invisible force fields.


The new findings for science (which need to be validated), if this interpretation is true are:


  1. Space is a set of force-fields or vibrations, specifically eleven force-fields.
  2. While CMB and Higgs field are known in modern science, if this interpretation is true Strong force or Gluons is also a field that is omnipresent in the Universe.
  3. If this interpretation is true, then there are totally eleven force fields that make up the space of this Universe.
  4. Force fields of Source point of Universe, Force field of dark matter, force field of Strong force, CMB, Higgs Field, Force fields that vibrate strings and create quarks, leptons and Bosons, force fields that create complex proteins, acidic and alkaline medium that sustain life.
  5. First dimension is the source point (Amba) of Universe, Plane of dark matter  (Purusha) is the second dimension, Strong Force field is the third dimension, Cosmic Microwave Background is the fourth dimension, Higgs field gives the fifth dimension, vibrations that make the baryons is the sixth dimension, vibrations that make the mesons is the seventh dimension, vibrations that make the leptons is the eighth dimension, force fields that create complex proteins the ninth dimension, force fields that create acidic medium the tenth dimension, force fields that create the alkaline medium the eleventh dimension.
  6. References to the position of Amba and Purusha gives the two known spatial dimensions and strong force field creates the third dimension of Space.
  7. Rudra the force carrier or force field and space are same as space is made of eleven force-field or Rudras
  8. As Rudra is eleven dimensional, Space is also eleven dimensional.
  9. Force fields act in biological dimensions too triggering formation of complex proteins, acidic and alkaline mediums to sustain life. Evolution of consciousness or intelligence is driven by Narayana (manifestation of Purusha) on this.
  10. The force fields of Rudra move from North of Amba to South of Amba.
  11. Expansion of Universe is the expansion of force-fields or space which move from North of Amba to South of Amba. Thus expansion of Universe is same as collapsing of Universe back into Amba and this cycle goes on repeating.



The interpretations provided in these are mine. I have taken care to provide a direct interpretations of texts and scriptures, without resorting to an indirect explanation of the actual word as usually done in many spiritual explanation of the texts. I should also admit that I have resorted to indirect interpretation in some places. But in general I have taken care to understand the Sanskrit words in relation to the context with Monier Williams Sanskrit dictionary as well as contextual usage of the words in several other scriptures and their contexts.


I am reasonably sure of these interpretations, though I am not sure it would stand the scrutiny of Scientific and spiritual worlds. I apologize if these interpretations hurt someone on scientific or spiritual basis.


Easwaro Rakshatu!



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