Sanskrit: From Pooja rooms to Science Labs..

Samskrita Bharati organized a 10 day Spoken Sanskrit programme in several parts of the City during last week. The concept of ‘Spoken Sanskrit’ attracted me and I made it a point to attend their classes most of the days. The classes ran between 6-8pm and they did not mind if you were late by even an hour.

I made full use of the program, where you get a bunch of people who really try to converse with you in Sanskrit.

They held a Bharat Mata Pooja on the last day and I gave a small speech in Sanskrit and English during that time. Here is my speech.



Mama nama …… Aham eka dooravani sthapanasya kaaryam karomi.  Asmakam deshasya sampathu samaskritam. Asmakam deshasya aiswaryam samaskritam. Kim Kaaranam..?


Samskrite bahu gnana, vijnana, nirvaga maarga vishayani santi. RgVedasya Nasadiya Suktam, Purusha Suktam, Raatri Suktam sa aneka vijnana suktam santi. Chandogya Upanishad, Brihidaranya Upanishad sa aneka gnana maarga suktam sanit. Bhagavad Gitayam nirvaga vishaya vathathi. Sanskrite bahu anya vidhyadhana santi.


Paranthu samskritam eka mrtakalpa bhasha. (almost dead). Samskritam punar jeevitham sambhavam va..?


Idanim aham eka kadam vathami (I will tell you a story)


Eka manushyaha, eka grihe, eka brihat aamra vrikshe pashyathi.
(A man saw a huge mangao tree in a house)

Grihasthasya prichathi ”Aamra vriksha parivarathathe kiyat kaalam vyapayati..?”

(He asked “How much time it took to grow this tree”)


Grihasthaha vathathi “Dasa nimisham eva” (only ten minutes)


Mitron, dasa nimisham eva,  vayam kim koormaha..? Kimapi naasti.
(Friends, what can we do in ten  minutes. Nothing much)


Manushya prichathi ”Dasa nimisham eva etavat brihat abhavat vaa..?”

(In just ten minutes this big it happened..?)

Grihasthaha vathathi ”Na.. Na.. prathi thinam Dasa Nimisham”. (every day ten minutes)


Dasa nimisham saamanyam eva. Prathi dinam dasa nimisham brihat kaaryam. Evam samskritam Dasa dina Kandatvayam, mama manase eka brihat samskrit itcha vriksha utpaatayati.




If just ten days of sanskrit spending only an hour per day can grow this big sanskrit tree in my mind, even ten minutes of sanskrit everyday in all of us could revive sanskrit back to its glorious days.


We need to get back Sanskrit from our pooja rooms to Science Labs. Because that is where Sanskrit belongs. Sanskrit has huge amount of scientific knowledge cloaked under the ignorance of spirituality and religion.  We need to get it unravelled. It is binding on each one of us to reclaim Sanskrit back to science.


It is like un-earthing one’s hidden treasure, not to worship it, but to use it and prosper.


I would fail in my duty if I forget to mention my teachers who taught me Sanskrit in these ten days. I felt as if Sanskrit Maata herself came down to teach us Sanskrit.


I really appreciate their service from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate and thank Samskrita Bharati for their service. Long live their service.




Shubh Raatri



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