Save the Planet Contest Rules

“Save the Planet Contest”, conducted by Medhajournal, collaborating with ANKURA (501C3 registered non-profit, and Learning Bee (Enrichment for young minds, was closed for any further essay entries on 22 May 2009.  Prize money is sponsored by Youthful Dentist (39411 Fremont Blvd Fremont, CA 94538), Learning Express Toys of Fremont (2710 Mowry Avenue Fremont, CA 94538).  Entrants were required to write an essay on “How to build Sustainable Communities”.   

Contest will be judged in two categories –

  • Medha Journal section (17 years and above)
  • Medha Junior section (less than 17 years)

Final entries will be displayed on The Medha Journal contest page for one month open for Popular Choice voting

  • The participant’s name/school name shall be kept undisclosed for the display, for a fair voting.
  • The participant age and country will be disclosed to the voters to provide relevance of the idea for the essay entry.
  • There will be one prize from each category based on popular choice voting.

(Disclaimer: In a situation when an adequate number, or a fair number of votes are not received for each final entries, organizers shall retain the rights to make the selections based purely on Judge’s Choice).

Prizes for popular vote:

  • For Medha Junior – A book relevant to the topic of the essay.
  • For Medha Journal – An autographed DVD of “One Man, One Cow, One Planet” gifted by Cloud South Film Ltd.

Essays will be assessed independently by Medhajournal’s eminent judges.

(Please note judges decision will be independent of the popular voting).

Dr Pradip Gangopadhyay – Having a Ph.d in Physics from the Department of Physics, University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Gangopadhyay (aka gangp) has been a Research Scientist in the Department of Physics, astronomy and Space Sciences Center, University of Southern California since 1984. His research interests include radiative transfer in solar heliosphere, solar Extreme Ultraviolet irradiance, Jupiter Lyman Alpha glow, laser driven multi-photon ionization and heavy atom-ion scattering.  He has also been a principal investigator of several NASA grants since 2000.     He has been a reviewer of Journal of Geophysical Research as well as being a member of NASA proposal review committee. His other interests include the study of Hindu, Buddhist and Jaina darsanas, Greek Philosophy, New Testament scholarly studies, Islamic historical studies and the mysteries of chess.

Dr Partha Desikan – Partha was into R&D & technical management in the petroleum, organic chemical and polymer industries till about 5 years ago. He had simultaneous part time engagement with the academia (lectures, editing text books, examinations, thesis evaluations, membership of board of studies and academic council, etc).  Partha has also translated Sanskrit and Tamil classics, along with research into classics, study of Vedanta, Indian culture and miscellaneous freelance writing efforts since 2003.

Dr Evgeny Kolev – got a Ph.D. in solid state chemistry from the University of Notre Dame. He worked in diverse areas of chemistry – bioinorganic research, theoretical and combinatorial chemistry, refining and petrochemicals, medical chemistry, adsorption and gas processes. Evgeny was a reviewer for the Journal of Solid State Chemistry. As a student he wrote two plays as well as series of poems and short stories, participating in several competitions with them. Nowadays, to his love for writing and drawing, he adds his passion for the future ahead of us all. From starting his own business to support small community in his native Bulgaria, to growing for years his own organic garden, biking to work, selecting a sustainable lifestyle at home and living a conscious vegetarian life for more than 10 years. He contributes as an eco-writer to magazine “U” in his home town, Ruse.  The mind-body-spirit is further balanced with interests in Chinese Medicine and Zen Shiatsu, years long meditation, Tai Chi and some Yoga practice, a huge collection of teas and herbs to help blend it all. If he doesn’t pick the phone he is most likely cooking in the kitchen.

Essays will be judged as the following;

  • Relevance of the essay to the topic of the essay -40 points
  • Creativity of the essay as age/grade appropriate (relevant in junior section). – 30 points
  • Quality of Writing – 30 points

 All participants will be given “Certificate of Participation”.

Medha junior section

  • 1st Prize – $100
  • 2nd Prize – $ 50
  • 3rd Prize – $ 25

Medha journal section

  • Prize money – $100

All final participants and their schools will be acknowledged on the website after the announcement of the results, that will include finalist’s name, school name, country, age/grade.

 This essay contest and your participation in this essay contest will make it possible to forward a partial donation amount from the sponsorship money to the non-profit ANKURA to benefit “Tripura Adhyabasa” project. For project details and to support this project visit;

Winning entries will be announced by 01 September 2009. 

The MedhaJournal Team

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