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Announcing the Winners of the Contest!

The judges and public have passed their verdict. Read on to find out who the winners are for the

essay Contest “Sustainable Communities”.

(All participants will be given “Certificates of Participation”)
Winners of Judges Choice-

Medha junior section

  • 1st Prize – $100   
    • ID 2  Our Duty Towards Our Planet (Pankaj Soorya Ram Narendran, Gulf Asian English School Sharjah, UAE)
  • 2nd Prize – $ 50
    • ID 14 Sustainable Community  (USA Chelsea Chan Chadbourne Elementary)
  • 3rd Prize – $ 25
    • ID 4   Green Revolution (USA Mukund Sridhar)

Medha journal section

  • Prize money – $100
    • ID 24 Small Drops of an Ocean   ( UAE Narensomu/Subasri Ram Naren Architect)

Popular Choice – (Prizes as appropriate)

ID 13 -Global Warming by DEEPANK SHARMA  (KHAITAN PUBLIC SCHOOL,Sahibabad, UP, India)
ID 9 –  No Vehicle Day by Anisha Anisetti  (Mission Valley Elementary, Fremont, CA)
ID 6 –  Eco City by Laura Ye (USA)
ID 23 – Sustainable Communities by Riverine (Malaysia)

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