Set Sail – Let Go in another perspective

She had been made with love and care
Timber, the best brought from distant woods
Nails and bolts wrought by many a smithy
Many a looms had sat spinning her canvas…

The tale of a ship and its quest for a home

A Saling Ship


She had been made with love and care
Timber, the best brought from distant woods
Nails and bolts wrought by many a smithy
Many a looms had sat spinning her canvas
Along smooth lines and seamless curves was she built
Till there she stood tall and proud
were they to set upon her,
a delight to the eyes she was sure to be

And the sea wild, had spied her too
Besotted by her charms, had frothed in joy
Waves had it set gambolling upon her
higher than usual tides it sent her way
dancing in exalt on espying something so wondrous built
verily it landed at her door
And forthright asked of her to be its betrothed

She did recoil with a veritable shudder
Whatever gave you the idea
that we are meant for each other?
look at me, I’m streamlined of the finest timber
my ancestry can be traced to the best in the forest
grounded, deeply rooted, the trees
my dress, the cotton from distant lands
it’s to the earth I belong to, for I’m born on land
Have you ever felt your own saltiness,
or stopped to look at yourself?

Spread all over, once here and thence there
Carried by unknown currents
No one knows where next you abound
pray what do you think we have in common?
For, two different elements we are
ne’er the twain is meant to meet
go back please to where you belong
were I to troth you I’d verily sink
somewhere over there you meet the sky
and from that edge I’d fall off in demise!

The sea hurt, miffed and mystified
knowing not what more to say, deny or defy
withdrew its suite and tides,
returned to its depths
and all that was seen of it
was some gentle lap of distant waves

She, now calmed, heaved a sigh of relief
for having passed such a torment
a tumultuous storm of belief!
Who’d e’er heard such utter drivel?
So far fetched a proposal?
What could the undulation of fluid waves offer
to her stolidity, her solidity, her timber, her teak!

Now secure was she on her terra firma
yet her soul remained bestirred
there was still an eerie entice of the wave’s depth
carrying within some hidden decree

Thus e’er so often she’d slinked to the shore
to hear the song of the gentle wash of waves
in the water of the tides, dip her toes
she stayed on land yet the shore became her abode.
For now the metal on wheels didn’t draw her desires
nor did the mansions seem like her keep
the breeze carried some strange dirge of rout
Nothing could she find in which to fit into
in her own realm she found herself
an alien in increasing degrees

Thus she continued to be parked at the edge of water
giving the excuse she wanted to feel the breeze
while she inhaled the saltiness off the air
she kept herself safe at the water and land’s crease
ever entranced by the roll of the waves.
She did keep alive her dreams though
of her roost she’d make in her very own realm
while the lap of water within her
a mysterious rhythm did keep

Until one day she felt suddenly the sea roil over
sent breakers crashing towards her
stormy waves struck her bosoms
and then queried off her in indignation
Pray what’s this enactment?
Of letting go and not letting be?

caught in the swirl of waves she trembled
her timbers shaken, she had to visit the holds of her truths

I won’t deny the call, the cry of my heart
but am straddled by unknown quandary
torn between half commitments and half desires
of where I belong and where I should be
I don’t wish to come to you
bestride such onerous horns of dilemma
I won’t enter your dominion until I’ve come to hate

The realm, the land which’s now my home and I’m free!

The sea did hear her out quietly, remained silent awhile
then asked ‘Your realm you say?
Pray can you tell me where your land is?’

she opened her mouth to speak, but gasped
looking down there was only waves all around
she turned back to spot her land and found it
a distant speck on the horizon

Unknown whence, immersed in the play of waves
her sails seeking breeze, had opened up and fluttered
who knows when entranced by a lapping rhythm
she had suddenly floated out of her familiar depths
and as was to be, she was finally adrift on destiny

The choice was now upon her as to whether
she were to sink or to set sail
or straddling the shore serve some muse's purpose
yet be neither of the land nor of the sea

– Avi

Something I had written a couple of years back. This looked at 'Let Go' from another perspective.

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