After having seen Sivaji in the evening show and hearing 'Thiruvilayadal' in Audio during the night, I went to sleep and this is what I dreamt.
Act -1
The King of Madurai is sitting in his throne with a long face. There is an eerie silence in his court-room. Poets like Nakkeeran and the king's ministers are seated in the court-room. The courtiers do not know what makes their King sad.

I am deeply concerned about the circulation of black money in our country. Can somebody answer me on my concern..? What would be our current state on it..? Oh, great Nakkeera why don't u lighten my heart with your poetry on this..?

Oh Great king.. What can I talk about black..? From start to end, which is the place without black..? So what do I say..? How do I say..? How can I judge..?

Then let us announce a competition to the general public. Whoever is capable of answering my concern on black money, they will be rewarded 1000 gold coins. It is my word.

Act -2

Dharumi hears the announcement of the king on 1000 gold coins. He wants to participate and win. He does not know what is black money, as he has not seen white money even. He goes to the local Shiva temple and cries before the Lord.
Dharumi : Not one or two gold coins.. Oh Shiva-ji, it is not one or two. It is 1000 gold coins. Shiva-ji please help me to win.. Shiva-ji, Shiva-ji, Shiva-ji
Dharumi starts chanting the name of Lord Shiva as Shiva-ji continuously. Pleased with Dharumi's penance, Shiva-ji appears in front of Dharumi.

Oh Dharumi.. I will tell u the answer to the King's concern on Black money. You go and tell him and get the prize. But you have to pay the gift tax and keep it as white only..

Dharumi :
Oh great Shivji, for 1000 gold coins, I will do anything.
Dharumi falls at the feet of Lord Shiva-ji.
Shiva-ji: The poem is this:

Cool.. Cool… Cool..

Chitoor Thandina Katpadi (Crossing Chittor – It is Katpadi)

Shivajiya Thandina Dead Body (Crossing Shivaji – U r Deadbody)

Panninga Kootama Varum (Pigs come in droves)

Singam Single-aa varum (Lion comes alone)

Summa athiruthilla.. (It moves " shakes ya..)

Dharumi : Thanx Shiva-ji Thanx. Let me go to the King and get the prize.

Act -3

King hears Dharumi's poem. He is elated. He is extremely happy.

King :
Wow.. Never heard a poem like this one. Hey there.. Give Dharumi 1000 gold coins immediately.

O king.. Wait a minute.. I think there is a mistake in his poem..

Dharumi :
O King, based on mistakes, reduce some gold coins and give me the rest.

Nakeeran :
No.. No.. it is not a literary mistake. The poem lies. Dharumi, can u tell me the meaning for this poem..?

Dharumi :
Who r u old rat..? O great King, don't listen to this man. Give me whatever u can. Only Lord Shiva-ji can reveal the meaning of this poem, as he only recited it to me.

Then bring Lord Shiva-ji here, tell us the meaning, answer my question and then get the money.

King :
I thought I will chase away this man with the prize as his poem was real confusing me like mad. But Nakeeran has understood something it seems. Dharumi, do according to what nakeeran says.

Act -4

Dharumi brings Lord Shiva-ji to the court-room. King and his courtiers are seated.

Lord Shiva-ji:
(Tapping his fingers on his head ) who is that idiot who found a mistake in my poem..?

Who are you..?

Lord Shivaji:
Me..? Shiva-ji.. The Boss…

O Shiva-ji, first tell us the meaning of this poem.

Lord Shiva-ji :
Laughs.. ha..ha..ha.. Kanna, this is jujubi.. (throws a chiclet from his hand, it flies and sits in his open mouth. Starts munching it..) cool cool cool means think cooly. The second and third line means, the king's court-room itself looks like a small town and his kingdom located next to it looks like a vast forest. King is the Lord Shiva for all his subjects and who opposes him will die. The fourth and fifth line means, while people like pigs live in huge numbers and make money, King like a lion rules alone and maintains his order. The sixth line means, the rule of this king reverberates everywhere..

King :
Oh Shiva-ji, u have praised my rule to such an extent that this old Nakeeran has never done. Hey there, give 1000 gold coins to Shiva-ji.

No king.. His poem has a lie in it. You cannot award a poem that lies. Hey Shivaji, So what u say is, in our king's rule, there is no black money possible.. Am I right..?

Lord Shiva-ji :
Ya…(taps his fingers on his head) That is what my poem says. (Keeps munching the chiclet)

How can there be a country without black money..? Is it possible at all..? Can we live without air and water..? How can rich people live without black money? If there is white money then there has to be black money. You are simply lying to satisfy our king.
Shiva-ji becomes angry on hearing Nakeeran's justification on black money.

Lord Shiva-ji :
(angrily taps his fingers on his head continuously). You cheats..
(Shiva-ji throws a chiclet at Nakeeran. It hits the forehead of Nakeeran and returns to Shivaji.)

Lord Shiva-ji:
I am going to open my third eye. Let whoever has black money in this King's court, let them catch fire and burn..
Shiva-ji hits the returning chiclet with his forehead and it turns into a ball of fire. All the king's courtiers including Nakeeran catch fire and start burning.
Shiva-ji laughs hysterically.

Nakeeran :
Oh Shiva-ji.. Even if you open your third eye, a lie is a lie. There is no place in this world without black money. Whether it is Shiva-ji, Sankar-ji, Balasubramanian-ji or Saravanan-ji, gods of this wordly screen do have loads and loads of the blacky thing. How come fire catches only me..? What about you..?
The fire returns and starts moving towards Lord Shiva-ji.. Lord Shiva-ji starts running to escape the fire..

Nakeeran :
Hey Shiva-ji, where are u running..?

Shiva-ji :
Ha.. Ha.. Ha.. As usual to (Auditor) Narayanan only. I am sure he will save me this time as well..
Lord Shiva-ji disappears and reaches the Himalayas..

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