Sierra Nevadas

The bus stopped in Orlando so north bound travelers could get on the next bus.  After that we changed over in Savanna Georgia.  It went north to Washington DC. 
I hopped on a bus to Baltimore from there.  I found a cool Tibetian Book Store.  It was March, it was cold.  I bought japa or mala beads.  The next morning I got on a bus to Pittsburg.  I ended up traveling through the northern cooler climate states.  Pittsburg was cold that morning. 
The next bus stopped in Indianapolis.  It arrived at night.  There was a low fog.  The next morning we arrived in Missouri.  The terrain changed after leaving the Great Lakes region.  Missouri has low foothills.  The Great Plains are desolate, more so than the desert.  It is so flat, plus it is so far from the ocean.  I bought the local newspaper in most of the cities we stopped in.  As the bus went crusing through Colorado there was an all out blizzard.  Colorado has almost the exact terrain as Utah, except it has its own look.  The last bus for Arose left Los Angelos as the sun was coming up.  I noticed the orange groves on both sides of the road.  Acres of rows of grapevines. 
The so called Hare Krishnas who picked me up seemed alright.  As far as I knew there was a temple out there in the wild.  The roads were all gravel.  The roads meander up big foothills in the most secluded region in the Sierra Nevadas.  The aparant devotees turned out to be something else.  There was no temple out there nor was there a farm like I was told.  There were all sorts of abondoned cars something wasnt right.  I got into an altercation over the question of me going back to Arose.  The altercation turned into a fight.  Although I won the fight, I had to run into the wilderness to avoid being shot.  I leaped down a bank as someone shot at me twice with a 30-30 rifle.

Below me was a stream.  I ended up barefoot since I was wearing flip flops that were of no use to me. I followed the stream at first figuring it went somewhere.  I climbed up a small foothill.  At the time I thought it was best to move on out of sight,and to calm down.  I rested on the ridge, then lined up on two mountain peaks out in the distance.  One to the northwest of me the other was almost right in line of where the sun was setting on the horizon.  One of the reasons for going out there was to go climbing.  It just turned into the wrong scenerio.  I came up on all sorts of wild game walking.  The night that happened I saw a fox that ran through a meadow then stopped.  Once he stopped I knew no one else was near me.  It was a gibbous moon so I had good enough light to hike or climb at night.

The ledge that I slept next to that night is just a vauge image to me now.  At the time I did not realize how far of a fall it was from there.  It was no gradual fall, it was steep.  As the sun came up that morning the crows started making noise.  There was a fog rising up slow, then when it got bright I realized the treeroots below me that I was clowning around on was right on the edge of a straight drop.  I climbed eight mountains to get to a ranch where there was someone to ask for help.  I know two of them were over 5000 feet, one must have been 7000 feet.  The others were 2000 to 3000 feet in elevation.  The rancher called the police to file a report.  The cops said I was almost 54 miles from where I had been shot at.  Believe me the these cops were there.  The troopers cuffed the man who shot at me in the middle of the night, put him in the back of the car, then deliberated about what to do.  The men told me to “chill out, we are going to resolve this.”  There were two travelbags and a backpack the police recovered for me.  The marijuana buds in those books were nothing to be worried about in this case.  The cops gave me a break on the pot.  The seargent in charge instructed another cop to let the man go.  The state police took me back to the barracks, gave me some coffee, told me to go back to Florida, then let me go.

The bus ride back went through Tucson, Arizona then El Paso, Texas.  The bus went through Tallahassee, then back to Miami.

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