Spirit Level to Spiritual Radio

Spirit Level to Spiritual Radio


Mannequins can also be our Teachers

We all have seen human-look-alike mannequins exhibiting various types of attires at the entrances of many a textile showroom. They stand so upright and their postures would make even a soldier envious. But if you go nearby any one of these attractive doll-like statues and give it a small nudge, it loses its balance and fall flat on the floor with the same pleasant look on its face.  There is nothing in their design that may nullify an external unbalancing force. If you do the same mischief on a friend standing nearby (caution: if you are not confident about your friend’s temperament, please do not try it, as it may result in your injury!), you will find that he steadies himself instantly.
Spirit Level at Different Levels

We human beings and also the animals, regain the balance immediately, after sensing and compensating any upsetting forces acting on our postures. It seems there is a ‘spirit level’ positioned between our ears to help us to carry out our balancing act! This prevents us from toppling down like a mannequin from nudges friendly or otherwise. This is one of the excellent feedback control systems built-in and operating inside our physical body.

Similarly, there is a ‘spirit level’ for our spiritual ‘body’ too. It is also named as our sense of right and wrong or simply conscience. It is ever vigilant to help us with correcting our moral (immoral too!) adventurism and prevent us from tumbling down into the pits of moral degradation, so as to keep us on our spiritual tracks. The corrective signals emanating from this control mechanism are loud and clear when we are receptive for such guidance and become week as we start ignoring them.  Unfortunately, many of us are more comfortable in being guided by our ‘friendly, neighborhood, inflated ego’ than a spoilsport conscience!
A special Mirror & its special Detergent

But just for fun, try cleaning that faded mirror inside us namely our conscience. For this cleaning operation, we require an efficient detergent famously known as ‘introspection’.  It dissolves readily in a solvent (not very popular, of course), normally referred to as ‘honesty to ourselves. Try this ‘heady’ combination and you will soon find how efficiently you can tune to that conscience station. Now the signals start coming thick and fast; loud and clear. Happy listening!!!

(This is a modified version of ‘Spirit Level for Our Spiritual Plane’ appeared in my blog site, years back)

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