‘star queen’ part one

coyote jack’s

um i think one of the things to keep in mind is um ya know how we got started on our path and ya know where we were at before if we keep in mind where we were before if we were in a different town or city and we moved or relocated um keep in mind ya know our beginning and and see that and it may give us a little bit more of an understanding of where we went and why we went there… ah i first me jacob jeffries when i was living in jupiter i caught the train ah the tri rail from palm beach to boca and walked to fau campus for a show and ah had a great time ya know met jacob and his sister gabby for the first time and ah i got lost on campus i couldn’t find where i was going and i went to the library and there was a cute librarian there and we looked it up on line we had to find jacob’s myspace page myspace was big back then so everything was on there so she told me coyote jacks and told me how to get there so i went to coyote jacks and found him… so later on i ended up in miami and ya know the next time i caught up with him with with jacob was in miami beach i was living in the grove and i was walking and taking metro rail and buses everywhere i went i didn’t have a car so i caught metro rail downtown and a bus to south beach and met him there one night ya know and um great time too ya know he’s a very likeable character ya know most of the time so ya know so i played tamborine that night for a couple of songs and got in on that after that i began to branch out in miami and ya know follow the music scene and meet different people go different places and it took me alot of deffernt places and i always caught up with jacob everywhere i went… so ya know later on in my travels i met someone new nicolle chirino i was on my way to like a full moon gathering on 3rd street 3rd street beach yoga or something and a friend drove me out there and i talked him in to ya know giving me a ride ah a couple like ten blocks to where nicolle was to see her play so i met her then and was a little hurried at first because things were out of order and i didn’t have my car so and um afer that it took me alot of different places… i followed her for awhile and became her friend and met her at her shows at the delano and ya know and places like riccocet and helped out met her when she got there and helped he carry her stuff in and set up her christmas lights and things like that and so we got the idea along the way to do a little filming while we we were doing that and i think it contributed in a way somewhat um for everybodys well being ya know… so then i began to get different places like the loews hotel different spots there on collins for gigs ya know caught up with jacob there again he did a big show at lincoln road mall a little bit after halloween it was october… and ah we did a big harinam at lincoln road mall for halloween for our second year a week before and that was pretty big and ya know so his lincoln road show went really well i think that was when he began to come more into the spotlight of things and ah definetly began to attract ah way more attention than he did before to where ya know he actually people asking him for autographs and things like that… so going from there i’d say jacob for awhile was like my therapist so um like ya know when nicolle didn’t want to ah see me anymore i talked to him and so ya know and so most of his venues that i was at he always had me carry his keyboard and ah amps in and stuff like that and ah help out with set up before the shows and had full backstage access ya know we did a little bit of filming at revolution live for his one show backstage ya know so that went pretty good so ya know later on we went our seperate ways because of his tour dates or his traveling so i began to focus on what i had next for me…

nama japa and higher thinking

i think one of the things to remember in the music business is that um ya know when it comes to how you inter relate to people from different cultures i think its definetly very important that you ah are able to break those race lines and not let race be a factor in who you are trying to draw in or what you are trying to build with your creativity so ya know i had the good experience of meeting esther from jahfe and ya know we met and esther ya know told me about PHISH ya know opening up for PHISH one time and ya we got to talking and i described how when i first got into music way back when i went to see PHISH in harrisburg back in ’97… so to meet a reggae band in miami and ya know them branching out and to see their background ya know thats heavy to find that and i learn from reggae musicians ya know sasha thier their other lead singer on his conga drum always facinated me and was always very nice and was willing to reach out to me and i think with kirtan i think reggae style of music is definetly very similar to kirtan also… so ya know some of the other things that i found too was my experience with kirtan is it brings alot of different kinds of people from different cultures from around the world together so ya know a large number from india but also we have a very big spanish community in miami so we have a blend of that kind of music i think ya know you could relate it to something like carlos santana maybe ya know that kind of a kirtan band that is begining to bring in alot of different styles of music together… and ya know working from there so i was very blessed to have experienced that culture and find and learn…our temple president is colored and i remember mrs brademan pulling me aside and telling me to always try to chant and if your able to chant when you play your going to for one thing your going to get your mind out of whatever it is that has you caught in the chaotic material life so when your there and you play mridanga and you chant you are definetly able to elevate your soul and be on higher plain so that was good advice for me that i was able to soak in… 

the cure for spiritual imbalance

hare krishna hare krishna krihsna krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare… so i thought it would be a good topic to get into talking about spiritual imbalance and how a devotee may at some time develop something like that and how in fact you can work around it…  You are going to need to get back into Krishna.  One thing i notice when i pick up my beads and chant if i chant clearly and listen to a like mind of Satvarupa or something and his instruction on japa and whether or not you are attentively chanting and focused enough that you really are understanding what you are really doing and the metaphysical aspect of it.  It is not the same as Chinese bead counting though we are in deed making mathematical calculations for Krishna just like the abacus. It is just that our entire goal in jnana yoga bhakti you why we read books why we write books why there are so many stories in the Bhagavatam and why we interpret Bhagavad Gita and try to figure these things out and come to understand that Krishna in fact is real and when we forget that we’re entirely lost. So things like deity worship keeping plants watering you garden things that we do as devotees for Krishna.  So to keep the imbalance away the best thing to do chant until we are quite sure it all real again. Resonating on our beads is the spiritual medicine we cannot forget to take.   One of the ten offenses is to consider the potencies of chanting hare krishna to be imaginary so as it is so noted their telling me to keep chanting and that is my request as well too.

lighter days

my heart my eye my shield my window my brush away my strike my shadow the crescent moon on my brow the wayward canyons the dried up rivers and the tears from the rain my backstep me reluctance to retreat my cutting blow my sword

footsteps in the dark are footsteps forward just don’t be startled at your shadow

lighter days will follow just don’t wallow in sorrow it rains enough

and salt water and onions make your eyes sting

you’ll find i’m like the swallow pearching above and flying right past you

will you just be still so i can land on you



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