‘star queen’ part two

…so the first time i was at sweat records was with lizzy pitch first time in lemon city… later on i met kimmy drake my trendi record store friend of beach day… sweat records has the best soy milk coffee in miami… kimmy had me at radio active records for a show we filmed we’ve gotta go and come back to me… the next time i met up with beach day was at mamushkas in mid-town… i was in the middle of a root canal and was just at the dentist… sophie sputnik thought about writing a song about it since i thought the tooth killed me in a past life… she said don’t worry we’ve got modern medicine now adays… i didn’t get the tooth pulled until the morning after i went see the maria sharapova vs. ekaterina marakova match… and ana ivanovic was waving at me from the press box so i though of her and maria when doctor plasky extracted my tooth… i was spitting blood out the car window the entire drive  back to the temple… and i ate frozen yogurt for three days… the next time i caught up with lizzy pitch was in north miami on 125th at a cool hippie diner for a show… i met the mann sisters there a few weeks later now living in nashville tennessee… so somehow i fell in love with syntesizers and met a girl named steph and traveled with her for awhile… 

scratch notes…



Sophie “i’m going to write a song about your tooth”… …”don’t worry we have modern medicine it isn’t going to kill you”

 Jim “well i havn’t had it pulled yet”… …and i said “i think this tooth killed me in a past life”
the first time i met Jacob Jeffries i took the tri rail from mangonia park
to boca raton and walked to the campus i got lost and i asked the librarian 
for directions cute girl… righted my path and sent me on my way and told me
to go to Coyote Jack’s
i talked to Alexandra in the rain after the show in Coral Gables.  it started
pouring after the set was over.  the next morning it was still raining and i saw
yaji in the dieties kitchen and did the dishes it was raining so much a 55 gallon
trash can on the steps was overflowing with water.
i parked on 14th and got out and walked collins to the Delano.  i got there 
early and walked out to the beach and went for a walk and smoked a joint.  i
walked back just in time and saw Nicolle pull up and gave her a kiss and carried
her amp and guitar in
the first friend i made in Miami Beach was Loren Russo.  i caught the keys
shuttle to Miami Airport and got on the J to miami beach for kirtan 20th and Alton Rd.
i borrowed a tamborine drum that night and i made a girlfriend Satori… such a nice
yogi name… and Leo Duberly and his mridanga.  i used to crash at the ashram
when i lived on the treasure coast and Leo was there.







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