Sustainable Community (Junior ID-14)

Sustainable Community

Participant ID – 14
Medhajunior, Grade, 4th, USA


      I think a sustainable community is where you don’t do things that pollute the earth and have local farms. You should have local farms so people don’t have to ship fruits and vegetables to stores. It also means that you only use things in your community because you use oil to ship the items to your community. Your city could be a beautiful place because there would be pretty plants. The earth would be ugly if we kept polluting. If the earth was ugly you would be stepping in garbage.

      A good way to make a sustainable community is to have a better form of transportation. Cars pollute the air and cause global warming. If global warming gets worse the Ozone layer will get worse and the ice in Artic places will melt. Instead of using cars you can ride your bike or walk. You can make the world a better place by recycling, reusing, and not wasting resources. You can stop wasting resources by saving water and trees. Some ways to save water is to turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth, and only taking a five minute shower. You can save trees by recycling paper. That is how you can save resources.

      Making a sustainable community could help you make your town a lot nicer. If you want to make a sustainable community you should help your home. Growing plants and riding your bike is a great way to make your town beautiful. That is how to make a sustainable community.

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