Sustainable Community (Junior ID-15)

Sustainable Community

Participant ID – 15
Medhajunior, Grade, 4th, USA

      In case you don’t know what a sustainable community is, it is a community that does not waste or pollute. Sustainable communities will help animals from being extinct and will help us keep the Earth healthy for people and animals. If I could build my own sustainable community, I will have a big lake or a big pond and houses almost surrounding it because it will use less energy for water transportation and we will not have to throw away water bottles.

      The first thing I would do is a huge lake or a big pond. The pond will be surrounded with houses, a water purification plant, stores, and a place where you can relax, have a dip in the spa, too. I will put houses around the pond because they will be near the water purification plant. The water will be cleaned by the purification plant then the water will be easier to be transferred to the houses. Why, because you don’t need plastic bottles for plastic water bottles. Secondly, it helps reduce pollution in the air by using trucks or cars for transporting water bottles and other goods.

      When you walk outside you can see the beautiful scenery of the pond. Seniors love the beautiful scene of the green healthy grass, clean pure water, and a beautiful bridge right in the middle of the huge pond. There are lots of hills so you can look at the sunset. I hope construction workers and architects use my idea for any new land area because it will reduce  the energy used for water transportation, it will make the water cleaner, and it will make the scenery look prettier because it all the plants and water will be clean and healthy. 

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