Sustainable Community (Junior ID-17)

Sustainable Community

Participant ID – 17
Medhajunior, Grade, 4th, USA


 If I could make my own sustainable community, I would do many things such as the following to help save whatever needs to be saved. Instead of just driving with cars (using gasoline), you could just ride your bike to your destination. In my community, we will all have to use limited energy for lights, watching the TV, or just about anything else. Some people might say that paper money wastes a lot of paper and the other materials that make money. I hope that this community will improve the condition that plane earth is currently in.

      Driving cars use a lot of gasoline each day when you drive it. The gasoline makes the air polluted, or dirty because of pollution. Right now, we are experiencing global warming, when the air gets slightly warmer or very warm because of the air pollution. Because of this, the polar bears are having a difficult time finding a sturdy piece of ice to stand on to find prey (usually fish or seals) because the heat in the air from global warming is melting the ice from the glaciers. Therefore, we can ride bikes, scooters, and skateboards. If you’re going to travel a far distance, find someone to carpool with you to that place. Having everyone do that, we could help the polar bears and other animals stay alive.

      Click! Do you hear that? That is the sound of a person turning off the lights.  Now that is a great way of conserving energy. Hey! Look there. It’s a C.F.L compact fluorescent light bulb.  That will help save energy as well. In my community, we will limit the use of electricity for each person in my community. All of the electricity will come from the sun. (Solar energy).

      To me, paper money wastes paper so I will ban using coins or money. Instead, we can all trade our stuff for other items other people might want to trade for other goods.  Maybe, you do not have corn; you could trade it with a person that will offer corn for maybe broccoli. When you trade, you get what you want and that person gets what he or she gets what she wants. The main point is that I want to have a very sustainable community. Again, not driving cars, saving energy and electricity, and not using money are what I would do if I were to make my own sustainable community. It may take a lot of work, but you will not regret the consequences of saving the planet. Having a sustainable community will be my dream forever.

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