Green Revolution (Junior ID-4)

Green Revolution

Participant ID – 4
Medhajunior, Grade 7th, USA

In the last 200 years with the advances in technology and oil exploration we are destroying the delicate ecology of the earth at an alarming rate.  Countless flora and fauna are becoming extinct each day. We are in great danger of harming the earth and human race forever if we don’t act fast and create awareness to this inexorable danger. My vision is to create a community that will foster sharing and reuse of precious resources, so that future generations can enjoy the beauty of the earth.

      The use and throw philosophy must be completely banished from this society. Americans generate more waste than any other nation in the world and there is a huge price tag on the disposal of this garbage. Plastics, metals and glass can remain in landfills for millions of years before they break down. This contaminates the ground water and the environment. Export of trash for dumping into developing countries where the environmental protection laws are lax, has been adopted by many industries to bypass this problem. This creates hatred among the locals of these countries towards our country. To avoid these many problems, my community will use the products and resources to the fullest extent possible and discard it only when it is no longer recyclable or reusable.

      Houses will be built out of adobe brick. This type of brick keeps interiors warm in the winters and cold in the summers. Heat is stored in the brick during the daytime, and at night the warmth is released to heat the home. This eliminates the need for a heating or cooling system. The houses should be of adequate size for comfortable living without any extravaganza. Conserving and recycling the water should also be a main value in this ecovillage. All the drainage waters from a household should lead to the field of crops to make an effective use for the drainage water.

      Daily life must be simple; wake up at the cock-a-doodle-doo of the rooster, take a brief three minute shower, put on simple clothes and go out to the assigned plot of land and grow the assigned crop using modern day farming techniques and equipments powered by animal labor. Every household in the village barter their crop with others.  It is encouraged to eat vegetarian foods. In the afternoons, everyone takes up an assigned community job (other than farming) that will help the community to thrive. In the weekends, citizens are encouraged to have social gatherings. The emphasis of the community is to help each other in their daily living where needs of everyone is met and the gap between the rich and poor is diminished.

      For the sustenance of the human race we need to change many of our current practices. The precious resources have to be carefully utilized for the benefit of the entire society. The simple, frugal life where we live in harmony with the nature is needed for the long term survival of human race.

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