Sustainable Community? (Junior ID22)

Sustainable Community?

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Medhajunior, Grade 8, USA

 What is our world turning like now?  What has happened to that clean and fresh land our founding fathers once stepped foot on?  It has turned into a polluted land of waste and the threat of global warming is always looming above our heads.  Our communities are always having economic and ecologic problems which we are always bothered about.  Is this how we want to live for the rest of our lives and the way we want our kin to live?  So let’s make the infinite changes!

              The many possibilities that are present are enough to change the fate of our futureOne thing is to stabilize our economy and to come out of this recession that we have fallen in.  People are loosing there jobs rapidly and many homes are being foreclosed everyday.  We need to work with our communities and President to pull ourselves out of this hole that we have fallen in.  One of the only ways to pull ourselves out is to spend the money that we have so that the money can be circulated.  If one person uses some money, it makes literally no difference.  When the whole community and all the people work together, we can eventually make a change over time.  There has to be self-reliance and overall community control to help this happen.

              Economy might be a big problem in today’s world but it defiantly is not the only big problem.  Another problem we have today is ecological diminishment.  Everyday we are threatened by circumstances we make ourselves by the pollution and even the subtle acts we do to hurt our environment.  Sometimes we hear the diminishing of rainforests or the North Pole.  At other times we hear about the harmful gases and CFCs that are impinging our ozone layer to increase global warming.  We are far from understanding nature and are unsynchronized with it.  We have to acquire ways to produce things in different ways and in unharmful ways.  But again, the whole community has to cooperate and harmonize with nature and not only one person.  One person’s efforts are trivial but when a large group does it, it makes a huge difference.  One person can drive a hybrid car only when necessary, but next door a person might use a car to just go around the block to a friend’s house.  So what use is it?  We have to work as big group and understand our mother Earth and nature.

              The time has finally come to change our huge community and make it ecofriendly.  We have to come over our economic problems of the bad stock market and the job layoffs.  Not only that but other problems include ecological problems of this world.  We are always worried about global warming and deforestation but do we ever take and action of what we cause?  We have to work together as a community to overcome the problems of today’s worldSo let’s make that difference we can be proud of and save our future generations that have yet to come and to proceed us.

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