Swami Ramdev and His Cure for Cancer

Swami Ramdev, Brinda Karat and Health Minister Ramdoss

I was browsing the timesofindia.com website and came across a video by Swami Ramdev (in which) issuing a press statement to stand by his statements about curing AIDS and Cancer using Yoga.


Baba Ramdev seems to be rubbing a lot of our UPA Politicians the wrong way. First it was the wonderfully unimaginative Ms. Brinda Karat. She took it upon herself to malign the Baba and his Ayurvedic pharmacy and claimed that she'd found traces of human and animal bones in the medicine prepared at his pharmacy. The message and condescension  in her accusation is obvious to those who can see it — it seems as though she's pointing out that Ayurveda is a fraudulent, primitive system that relies on animal and human bones (aka mumbo-jumbo, voodoo, etc, etc) for it's powers. She was (of course) proven wrong — I wonder if she ever gave a public apology (in the US she could've taken lumps going up to several million dollars for an obvious attempt at slander — ain't she lucky she' s her Bharat mahaan!)? Incidentally Ramdoss had spoken out critically against Swamiji at that time (till they both had to eat Humble pie).

The latest brouhaha seems to be with the (dis)honorable Health Minister of India pah-pah'ing Baba's claims that Yoga and Pranayama help boost the Immune system and helps ailing people who are cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy and AIDS patients.
Instead of dismissing someone with the Baba's obvious expertise in Yoga, perhaps the dear Minister should set up a study group to test and document the effects of Yoga and Pranayama.
Perhaps he belongs to one of those generations of Indians (the "Lost Generations" as I call  them) who suffer from extreme Brown Sahib pride and indignant ignorance…who can tell?

Some research and related material (in the US) listed below:

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  • http://spectrum.diabetesjournals.org/cgi/content/full/14/4/213#SEC3
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While I'm sure the Baba wasn't calling for a rejection of conventional medicine in favor of Yogic therapy, there is enough empirical evidence to suggest that these types of practices do help.

About Ayurveda
Ayurveda is a holistic healthcare system that deals with both the Physical ailments of the body as well as investigates and cures possible roots of diseases in the mind. It is an Integrative mind-body system and calls for change in lifestyle (reduce stress, deal with stress) and suggests that human health changes with changing weather, diet, stress levels (common sense nu?) and that by restoring balance to these, one could cure disease (and even reverse seemingly fatal diseases). How? Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, herbal medication.

But the most important thing Ayurveda does (especially in today's context) is to take the title deed to one's life and health and hand over to the subject. So, you are responsible for your well being and I am responsible for mine (not the Primary Healthcare Practitioner)! I don't understand why Pseudo-scientists (most scientist wannabes today) and Intellectuals (especially Indian) don't care too much for this system? It's only been practiced for like 8000 years … Is it not matured enough, or because it doesn't condone bombarding the human system with the expensive poison-pills the pharmaceutical companies are raking in billions of dollars with?

Or perhaps it is too primitive? In any case, those idiots will have to eat humble pie just the same as Brinda-ji and Ramdoss-ji had to.

Moral of the story boys and girls? Use your intellect and judgement judiciously. Don't give in to the incredible propensity we have for "knee-jerk" reactionism. Think "Outside the Box" for a change!

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