Is Wikipedia perpetrating prejudices against Native Scholars?

In the midst of a heated debate over the now almost-defunct Aryan Invasion Theory, I came upon Subhash Kak’s wikipedia page. For those who don’t know much about Dr. Kak, n 1979 he was tenured as Delaune Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. In 2007, he was appointed head of the Computer Science department at Oklahoma State University.

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Hinduism Misinterpreted: Encyclopædia Britannica insults Hinduism

This article will highlight some of the misinterpretations of Hinduism in Encyclopædia Britannica, many of which are very offending to any Hindu reader and those who know and respect Hinduism. The author has based this article on the contents of [1]. Text quoted from Encyclopædia Britannica 2009 Student and Home Edition is in slanted red typeface. In the following lines an argument is presented, which shows and questions the biased intentions of a popular reference source like Encyclopædia Britannica. Information conveyed by an encyclopedia should be unbiased, impartial, based on facts, true to the greatest extent, and not anybody’s personal opinion. In this light, the article on Hinduism in Encyclopædia Britannica has been examined. The absurd choice of contributors of an article on Hinduism by the authorities of Encyclopædia Britannica will also be analysed. It is felt that Britannica’s article on Hinduism is written in a sense that ill-disposes a reader towards Hinduism, whereas this is not the case with Britannica’s articles on other religions like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. After thought and analysis, I have been left with an impression which can be best summarized in the following question: Why is Encyclopædia Britannica hostile towards Hinduism?

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Primer on Climate Change and Global Warming – Part II (Impact)

{xtypo_dropcap}T{/xtypo_dropcap}he effects of climate change are already being felt by natural systems in many places. Glaciers in both the northern and southern hemispheres are shrinking, permafrost is thawing, growing seasons are lengthening and animals are shifting their ranges to higher and cooler ground.

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The Sixth Sense

Humans hardly ever ventured into the colony of mutants, and mutants almost never came into the human world. What little interaction there was was limited to necessary trading of commodities that one needed, and the other possessed. This too was always done through chosen representatives, and the masses never participated in these exchanges, most were unaware of it.

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2063 AD

On October 21, 2063, as the maglev train shot silently through the tunnel connecting the cities on opposite sides of the chain of hills, there was just a single sound that rang out feebly. A tiny pebble, dislodged from its place at the ceiling of the tunnel by a small rodent, had struck the side of the train. The impact at 450 km/hr had created a nasty gash about an inch long on the glossy surface of the train. Immediately, there started a silent movement among the meshwork that lay below the surface of the vehicle. The arteries that were exposed by the gash were now sensing an imbalance between the chemical potential within them and outside. The pasty material inside them started diffusing out of the semi-permeable membrane of the mesh. As it came into contact with air, it slowly hardened. The rate of diffusion got slower, but it was never quite zero. As the train emerged out of the kilometer long tunnel, its surface was smooth and flawless to the human eye. To the computer eye, that is, sensors, the surface was near perfect. There was a recorded log of the outflow of material from the meshwork in the concerned area. A repair schedule had been fixed when the train would reach its terminal station.

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Alternative medicine- A faith based cure or science?

I had been wondering what I can contribute to Medha journal. I had been toying with several topics that were crossing my mind. I took some moment from my schedule to think what has changed my life in a positive way recently.

I grew up with a science which has a shade of mysticism to it, it's called “Homeopathy”.

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Existentially Non Existent…

From me, Lord Venkateshwara

I don’t know when I came here, but it should have been several centuries before. From those days to this day there have been lot of changes around me.

Once upon a time, I used to see a vast empty space behind my ‘praharam’. There used to be less number of people wishing to see me that time. It is difficult to climb seven hills and reach me. Only those who are bent on getting their wishes fulfilled from me would bother to climb up all the way and come.


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In quest of our roots

Have you ever felt the need to reach out to your roots? Are we all in search of our roots? What drives us to know our roots? 


I grew up hearing stories that our (my family) roots are not in West Bengal, India but from a small village called Khajura, in Rajshahi District, in what is present-day Bangladesh. And my grandparents had immigrated to India prior to Indian independence (post Parition). My grandparents who had immigrated to India as adults had vivid and loving memories of their home in Bangladesh. My grandfather missed his ancestral home and told us wonderful stories about his life then. He being a great story teller told us about waterways of river Atreyi, Zamindari, mango trees, his pet horses, his house boat and so on. Like many other immigrants around the time of Indian independence, my grandparents left their home and moved to India. Busy in making a living in India, they were left with no information as to what happened to their home back in Bangladesh. They heard few rumors around it, and that was about it.


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