AUM – An Analysis

An analysis of Madukya Upanishad in a modern perspective. So much of knowledge our ancestors accumulated, expressed in upanishads, have not been carried across times. They have been given more worldly colorings leading to diultion of the impact of upanishads on society.

Sitting here we can only map such utterings to what we know or able to infer. But as our current scientific knowledge expands, we may be able to understand upanishads better and who knows they can even help us understand science better.

I see a lot of sense and values in many methods, techniques used by our ancestors, which has come out of their hard life experiences, but somewhere the baton has not been handed over properly and such knowledge has passed on to unscientific crooks, who exploit it for their selfish gains.
Again, this is my personal view. We cannot say for sure which is right or which is wrong. We need to adopt things that appear useful and move on..

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