Women and Hindu scriptures


Hindu scriptures have lately in popular press been subject of bashing for their treatment of women. I discuss here some of the arguments used by those who attack Hindu scripture and why those arguments are wrong.

Argument based on ignorance

Recently I came across an example of bashing in this letter published

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Gita and the Indian secular press


I came across a Kolkata Telegraph editorial on the Gita. The editorial criticizes Judge Srivastava for his suggestion that the Gita should be made a national text. The editorial then goes on to make certain remarks about Hinduism and the Gita. I would in this article only discuss the points made by the editorial about Hinduism and the Gita. I will first present the entire Telegraph editorial, then present the key ideas of the editorial, compare and contrast these ideas with the Gita and then make some general comments on our secular press.

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Science and religion in Indic traditions don’t Conflict


Conflict between science and religion is a popular topic in the west.
Hard line fundamentalist Christians go out of their way to challenge scientific findings that are not in agreement with the Bible. The situation is completely different in Indic traditions. There is no conflict between science and Hindu dharma.

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Bell’s Theorem and Quantum Mechanics

In 1968 an Irish Physicist, Bell, working in CERN worked out a theorem which gave us an insight into the nature of deep reality. He showed using classical probabilistic methods that reality must be non-local. What does it mean? It means that there must be instantaneous connection between interconnected quantum particles even when they are separated by vast distances. What does Bell's theorem have to say about the various interpretations of Quantum Mechanics? In order to answer this question I will present some of the
prominent Quantum Mechanics schools and then discuss the implications of Bell's theorem.
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Yogic experience and the relevance of the brain



I have always wondered as to the relevance of the brain in yogic experience. What role does the brain play in yogic visions and experiences? I will discuss this question. It will necessarily be speculative since I do not have the definitive answer to the question posed above. I will give quotes from the Gita, Upanishad and Vivekananda's writings to describe the Yogic experience and I will then post my thoughts.

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An outline of Hindu dharma

Hindu dharma is a diverse system. However, there are some basic concepts accepted by the vast majority of (astika) Hindus. These are:

1. Scripture (Sruti and Smriti)

The primary texts of Sanathana Dharma includes four Vedas, Sixteen Brahmanas, four Aranyakas, One Hundred and Eight Upanishads, Six Vedangas, five Upavedas, eighteen Mahapuranas, eighteen Upapuranas, six Darsanas, eighteen Smritis and two Ithihasas.The major scriptures are the Vedas (specially the Upanishads also called Sruti), the Bhagavad Gita (Smriti). Two popular scriptures are Ramayana and Mahabharata. Different Hindu sects may have additional scriptures.

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