Hindu Temple Architecture -V

Site Selection

The previous four parts of this series can be found below.

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Part IV

 In this part, I continue with the topic of site selection of Hindu temples.

The third part and the fourth part discussed the similarities and differences between site selection processes of buildings in general and that of Hindu temples.

To summarise, we discussed that the process is a sensory experience in the former case and an extra sensory experience in the latter case.

 To start with the modern scene, we see that sober looking monuments are erected in memory of human tragedies we would like to avoid in future.{readmore}

Image: Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

What do we achieve by that act? 

We try to connect with the next generation and keep alive a memory so that mankind in general remembers a momentous event.

If it is sad, we don’t want a repetition, even after we are gone ourselves.

If it is a happy one, we erect victory arches at the site /seat of power.

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