Here comes Spring

The tree blossoms and flower blooms are spreading the news that the spring is here. It feels like the Nature is waking up after a deep sleep during cold winter. Weather is getting warmer, small tiny leaves with arrays of greens are dancing with the wind and shining in the Sun rays. The rain is refreshing the whole environment. We are infused with energy to hike and bike. There is a magic in the air. Unfortunately millions of people can’t enjoy this magical Spring. Along with the rain, they get showers of runny nose and watery eyes, and attacks of allergies. As the pollen count goes high, their allergies go high. The spring season has become allergy season. 

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Prana (Energy) and it’s healing technology

I've written about this subject many times in previous articles, but this my first attempt at putting together a little report on the Technology of Healing that is implicitly enabled by it. I give you [[Prana]]…

Prāṇa is a Sanskrit word that refers to a vital, life-sustaining force of living beings and vital energy in natural processes of the universe.

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